September 22, 2014

Life As of Recent

Wow, life was a crazy one this week! I had a long week at work, and started getting sick on Tuesday, Wednesday felt it bad, Thursday felt it worse, Friday started recovering, but luckily I took the day off. Tanner's super crazy with school right now (but really, when is he not) and I seriously saw him for only a couple hours Tuesday-Thursday, I'll get in to the details in a bit, but for right now, let's play some catch up!

A couple of weeks ago we turned in my ole Kia for a Camry, and we've been happy with our choice! I do a long commute every day, and between the gas mileage and the  fixer uppers we had to do monthly, it wasn't worth it anymore! Sadly though, because of my commute, there's been some quick mileage put on our new baby, but we love it!

That car was my very first car, and I've had lots of great memories in that thing... 

Don't worry, I have two feet.

Last week Axiom hosted our summer party at the State Fair! It was easy for me because I didn't have to set up for dinner or anything, I just handed out the tickets beforehand. It was so low stress, and I loved that. My kind of party.

My parents came into town last weekend, and it's always a treat! My sweet mom treated me to a pedicure, and seriously, I forgot how relaxing they can be! (married life) I was in heaven.

My mama also got us some fake flowers for our flower beds, and it seriously just spruced the place right up! 

that coloring is so bad from my father's phone...but I like this pic.

We took them to Provo Beach Resort for some ice cream during the Chalk the Block festival, and we ran into little Minnie (Sophie)! 

She begged me to do the same thing, but I just stuck with having her trace my foot...

On Sunday we rode the scooter to church, and that's always a good time in a skirt...!
I changed into a midi skirt, so there wasn't anything hangin out, no worries.

I had fun with some braids that day!

(shameless selfie)

Monday night we were waiting for Shelley to get to her house, so we stopped at the Provo Library.

I seriously have crazy eyes. And yes, same hairstyle.. it's just what you do when you wake up 5 minutes before you have to leave for work.

Our Marketing Team at work, along with one in CA, is now in charge of doing the marketing for our 8 sister companies. Since we are in two different states, we had them come down this week. I was in charge of planning our "retreat" and had lots of fun with it. The first night we ate at Brio at City Creek, and then we spent the next day in Park City up at Park City Mountain Resort. We rode the Alpine Slides and did the zip line, and then finished the night with some wood fired pizza and gelato on Main Street. Utah is absolutely beautiful in the Fall, and I'm so happy they got to enjoy the pretty colors! Although, it was abnormally hot that day, but I'm not complainin, because it's better than my cubicle!

I didn't get home until 10:30 each night, and on Wednesday I had to be up at the resort, which is an hour away, at 7:30! No wonder I was so tuckered out!

Love this temple at night!

I just want to carve my name in every birch tree I see. 


This week shouldn't be too crazy, besides getting a bunch of stuff done. I can't believe we are almost done with September, I have a Christmas Party to plan! Insert nervous-face-emoji.. you all know which one I'm talking about!
Tanner goes to his first interview this weekend, and I just found out that my other sister is going into town as well, so basically it will be a party without me. Knife to the heart.

Also, I cut bangs... I'm enjoying them, I just still don't recognize myself when I look in the mirror, and especially in pictures. Change is fun!

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