September 2, 2014

Life As of Late

On Tanner's birthday last Wednesday, we had our friends over for some cake, ice cream, and s'mores in the backyard. We had a lot of people show up, and we felt so loved, and surrounded by so many wonderful people!

Our Labor Day weekend was seriously the best. We started Saturday morning with some tennis matches, then Provo started getting pretty chilly, and started raining. We then went up to Midway with the McGrath's for Swiss days, and we dressed for chilly weather. But, it was so hot! Later, we rode the Alpine Slide at Park City Mountain Resort, and we were glad we dressed warmer! We then finished off the night eating on Main Street at Pizza & Noodles. 
Sunday was a relaxing day, with a yummy dinner with family, and then a movie outside in the Bench's backyard. 
Monday we went to the Provo rope swing, and then visited the Latin Festival on our scooters, and started a "bike gang". 
It was a nice weekend to end the summer! 
Now, for the pictures.

We had mixed feelings about the beautiful fall leaves appearing already.

We seriously lucked out with this whole situation ^^

selfies are cool.

I made a quick video from our Rope Swing adventure on Labor Day!

I love driving down Center Street to watch the Provo temple keep improving! 

Bye summer.

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  1. okay, best weekend! park city = my hometown, so loved this. and the rope swing, fun!
    also -- your hair is the most perfect thing on earth.