August 21, 2014

Tanners Birthday-Almost

Last night we celebrated Tanners birthday early. We first went to dinner at Alamexo, a new authentic Mexican restaurant downtown SLC, and then we headed to the Broadway play, Wicked. I had wanted to take Tanner to see it for the longest time, and when it came to SLC I really wanted to. My mom decided that's what they wanted to give him for his birthday, so that we could go on a fun date. We are so thankful for that, because we aren't doing gifts this year, and we were able to go out to a nice restaurant, which we wouldn't normally! 
Thanks momsie and popsicle! ;)

Let's start with the food. Man, this place was GOOD! 

Your waiter makes guac for you tableside, and it was so fresh, and soo sooo good. The chips were very top notch as well.

I got the Salmon, which I highly recommend. It is a slow cooked salmon filet with crispy bananas, pineapple pico de gallo & mole words. It sat on top of a banana mixture and it seriously has to be one of my favorites yet, and I've had a lot of salmon.

Tanner got the Carne Asada tacos, and can you believe their presentation with everything? I love it. Adobo marinated flat iron steak, melted queso Oaxaca, pico de gallo & salsa de arbol. The steak was like butter, it was sooo tender! 

Each table gets a side of rice and beans, and I really liked them! The rice wasn't Tanners favorite though..but don't listen to him! :)

We also got a side of "Mexican corn": Roasted corn with queso fresco, lime & chile molido. Delicious.

We were stuffed after the chips and guac... (we tend to always get that way!) so we didn't get any of their amazing desserts that I've seen, but each table gets complimentary churros with the check! Now that's my kinda meal. ;)

We got out to our car and realized that we never paid for parking, only to find out that we never got a ticket! Holla!

We then parked over by the Capitol Theatre, and took lots and lots of pictures.

This was my first time to the Capitol Theatre, so I didn't know what to expect! It's a beautiful, intimate theatre, and I loveeed it. It has so much charm!

Check out these beautiful chandeliers when you first walk in.

"Emerald City" slushies

We were a little early, so we kept going outside to listen to the harmonica player, and exchange taking pictures with people. I just wanted a specific picture with the theatre name in the background, and I wanted it vertically. It was just so hard for people to understand I wanted it up & down, and for some reason our pictures were on the "square" mode...but with a little editing, this one will suffice.

I love downtown...
And that guy...

We then went to our seats to get ready for the show!

There's some great marketing for wicked! 

...get the car picture?

During intermission we went onto the balcony, and got to see some even more beautiful views.

Then we walked outside and did some stretches (i'm kidding) and tried to take another one of my "dreamed pictures"... well the sign was on, and everything was perfect, except it was in square mode again, and you can't see our faces. We laughed about how many pictures we took later! Then, it started having the biggest rain drops, so we ran inside!

Our cast was amazing. I had heard that Elphaba was absolutely amazing, and she knocked our socks off! I love the chills I always get during "Defying Gravity", and I loved watching Tanner watch in awe! She rocked the house. Glinda was hilarious and played the part perfectly. Tanner leaned over to me and said I could play watch out guys, I'm going to start auditioning next week! I always walk out in complete shock that so many people can have SUCH talent. There's nothing like listening to a live orchestra, listening to amazing vocals, and watching very talented dancers. It's one of my favorites!

It was SUCH a fun date night and birthday celebration, and I'm glad we got to experience that together! We probably won't be going to Alamexo anytime soon, but if you're downtown and celebrating something, or just enjoying life, please go try it! SO YUM!

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