August 5, 2014

Movie in the Park

Last night, we went on a little date to Rock Canyon Park in Provo. They do free movies on Monday, and this one was Despicable Me. We headed over a little early to catch some food trucks for dinner. By the time we had finished, we were going to wait another 45 minutes until the movie started, but the music was playing, and we were enjoying each others company! We had noticed it was raining near by, and a big burly man ran down the hill informing us that there was "hail and rain in Springville!!". When no one moved, he just said "...okay...". 10 minutes later, lightening and thundering started, and the movie was officially cancelled. I didn't care though, because we were having a good night!

I love going on dates with my best friend, and I'm cherishing all of these moments before life gets beyond crazy!

we were on THE steepest slope, in fact, all he had to do was push me a little and i'd start sliding! he had a good back rest though.

never been so in love

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