July 24, 2014

Pie Night, Family Night, Fun Night.

On Monday, Shelley had us over for FHE and to make pies. Shelley made a mixed berry, Morgan made a cherry, and I made mini caramel apple pies. It was a super fun and domestic night, while watching Bachelorette of course! ;)

The recipe I used and adapted from here. They were yum!
I used Gala Apples.

Tuesday night we had some of Madeline and Andrew's friends over on picnics blankets in the front yard to wish them a farewell. 

I'm really going to miss her.

Then, on Wednesday night, Tanner went golfing, and I didn't have the house key. I had been craving In N Out all day, so I actually wasn't too upset, or embarrassed when I went there by myself. I even got a drink and fries to just make myself feel better about the situation...who am I kidding, I was glad that happened.

Then, this beauty happened. 

Happy Pioneer Day, Utahns!

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  1. I <3 so many things about this...pie night, bachelorette, picnics, sunsets, pioneer day...gosh i just LOVE utah! And your blog. and you! :)