July 23, 2014

Hebgen Lake 2014

We got back on Sunday for a very fun and quick weekend in Montana. I guess we made the invite cut from last year, and we couldn't be more happy and thankful for that! Friday night, we saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Playmill, and they did a terrific job! It was hilarious! We then grabbed some pizza at a yummy place in town, then headed home for the night. Saturday morning we were on the lake by 9, and din't eave until after 4. I love it. we jet skiid, we went on nature rides, we laid on the dock, we chatted, and i loved every minute of it! We then went back into town after dinner, and got some famous huckleberry ice cream, because it's the best, and I wish they sold it in UT! We went on a bear hunt, with no luck, and then watched the beautiful stars that night, because we all know it is the big sky! :) Sunday morning we went to church in town, and during winter, the ward is like 60 people, but during summer, every room is filled with people! It was hilarious. We went out on the boat looking for some wildlife, came back for a delicious lunch, and were on the road. It was super quick, but I'm so glad everything worked out (like getting a rental car, and the day before we left having the AC go out in my car) because we are sad to see Mads and Anj leave us for Florida in a couple of weeks! 

my arm looks so weird, and i only have one leg.

rose tattoo-tan line

it was SO nice to have a trip with him where we could actually talk! ;) DAT=DONE

my girlfrien


no, that is not a bowl of fruit on top of my head.

just a jeep full of stuffed bears, that if you touched, the alarm would go off.


i'm so lucky to have a permanent neck scarf!

Polaroids are too much fun


And of course, I made a vid to go with it. Check that out here.
Make sure to watch it in HD to help the bouncy un-focused lake videos! :)


  1. Oh my gosh!! That looks so beautiful!! Looks like you guys all had a blast!!

  2. LOVE your outfits!! Where do you get them from?