July 24, 2014

Pie Night, Family Night, Fun Night.

On Monday, Shelley had us over for FHE and to make pies. Shelley made a mixed berry, Morgan made a cherry, and I made mini caramel apple pies. It was a super fun and domestic night, while watching Bachelorette of course! ;)

The recipe I used and adapted from here. They were yum!
I used Gala Apples.

Tuesday night we had some of Madeline and Andrew's friends over on picnics blankets in the front yard to wish them a farewell. 

I'm really going to miss her.

Then, on Wednesday night, Tanner went golfing, and I didn't have the house key. I had been craving In N Out all day, so I actually wasn't too upset, or embarrassed when I went there by myself. I even got a drink and fries to just make myself feel better about the situation...who am I kidding, I was glad that happened.

Then, this beauty happened. 

Happy Pioneer Day, Utahns!

July 23, 2014

Hebgen Lake 2014

We got back on Sunday for a very fun and quick weekend in Montana. I guess we made the invite cut from last year, and we couldn't be more happy and thankful for that! Friday night, we saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Playmill, and they did a terrific job! It was hilarious! We then grabbed some pizza at a yummy place in town, then headed home for the night. Saturday morning we were on the lake by 9, and din't eave until after 4. I love it. we jet skiid, we went on nature rides, we laid on the dock, we chatted, and i loved every minute of it! We then went back into town after dinner, and got some famous huckleberry ice cream, because it's the best, and I wish they sold it in UT! We went on a bear hunt, with no luck, and then watched the beautiful stars that night, because we all know it is the big sky! :) Sunday morning we went to church in town, and during winter, the ward is like 60 people, but during summer, every room is filled with people! It was hilarious. We went out on the boat looking for some wildlife, came back for a delicious lunch, and were on the road. It was super quick, but I'm so glad everything worked out (like getting a rental car, and the day before we left having the AC go out in my car) because we are sad to see Mads and Anj leave us for Florida in a couple of weeks! 

my arm looks so weird, and i only have one leg.

rose tattoo-tan line

it was SO nice to have a trip with him where we could actually talk! ;) DAT=DONE

my girlfrien


no, that is not a bowl of fruit on top of my head.

just a jeep full of stuffed bears, that if you touched, the alarm would go off.


i'm so lucky to have a permanent neck scarf!

Polaroids are too much fun


And of course, I made a vid to go with it. Check that out here.
Make sure to watch it in HD to help the bouncy un-focused lake videos! :)

July 22, 2014


We just got back from a weekend in Montana with our friends who are leaving in 2 weeks for med school in Florida! :( It was such a fun trip, and I'm glad that through the craziness our life has been in the last little bit, that we were able to spend one last weekend with them. Life is wiiiild trying to prepare for yet another trip, and get things at work done and planned, but I can't complain! 
Video coming soon...!

July 18, 2014

Good things to come

When we were in Arizona last, my dad really wanted us to watch a funny YouTube video (or so we thought) on their new TV. He kept typing in the title of my favorite mormon message, and I was so confused. Tanner at the time was supposed to be taking the DAT the next weekend, and our relationship, and household was just a little bit stressed. I didn't expect any feelings to appear after watching this video, because I knew it by word. But, the spirit is something crazy isn't it? I had the most overwhelming feeling of love, and immediately there were tears streaming down my face. Tanner and I had been having a hard time, because I really didn't want him to reschedule the test for after Carlsbad, because I knew the vacation just wouldn't be the same, but I knew he wanted more time. Up until watching this video, I had cried every night thinking about the trip, not even wanting to go. 

I'm so thankful that my dad went with his instinct, and showed us this video. I know it was meant just for us. We felt so calm, and knew that everything was going to be ok. Now, when I watch this I think of that same moment and start crying again, but I love that memory, and I'm so thankful for my dad who isn't afraid to share the gospel, and to help those in need. I will forever treasure this memory. 

Please watch Good Things to Come, by Jeffrey R. Holland, and I hope it can help someone needing comfort.

Tanner ended up rescheduling his test for Thursday June 17th. Yesterday. We have never relied so much on the Lord. Our family and friends prayed and fasted for us, and we can't be more thankful. I have a serious testimony of prayer, and always have. I knew everything would work out for the best, but I was still scared. Luckily, Tanner has been studying all summer long for 8-10 hours a day, and it paid off. We are so happy with his score, and with the outcome, and just feel so blessed. There's no other word to describe the feeling when I saw him walking out of the testing center, when he told me he had done good. We are so blessed with the most amazing family and friends and know that we couldn't have done it without them. I am so proud of that amazing husband of mine, and now we can FINALLY enjoy our summer together! After we celebrated at dinner with our family, we were so excited we kept saying "What should we do! What should we do?" We ended up watching a movie, cuddling on the couch, which hasn't happened in too many days to count. I'm so happy this stress is done, and gone, and that I get to have my husband back!

July 15, 2014

7 Summer Treats

If you know me, you know I love my treats (just go check out my Pinterest board if you don't believe me). Ice cream, donuts, shakes, you name it, I want it. Everyone always discusses how much weight they gain over the holidays, but for me, its a never ending battle all year long. Now that summer is almost over ;( the pies and treats that have been on my mind to make, are screaming at me! Yes, pies can scream now. 

I wanted to throw out a couple recipes to ya'll (I've been watching Bachelorette too much) in hopes that you'll join me in making them! Actually, do yourself a favor and let me just make all of them and get fat. Win Win.

Drumroll please....

1. Cowboy bark ice cream? Yes, please.

cowboy bark ice cream is my fave

2. Give me anything lemon, and it's a donut. Soooooo...

These look so easy to make!

10-minute lemon donuts - made with a cake mix, lemon pudding and vanilla yogurt!

3. This Banana pudding looks amazing to me, and I've been itching to make it at a dinner party! And, we all know how much I love my mason jars!

Mason Jar Banana Pudding on MyRecipeMagic.com

4. Now this is my jam. Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream? What could be better?!

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream // take a megabite

5. Raspberry Sticky Buns. If I could get myself up on Saturday morning, I'd so make these. 

Awesome Raspberry Sticky Buns - An easy #stickybuns #recipe that is perfect for #spring!

6. I've been wanting to make some knock-off swig cookies (eventhough Sodalicious is better-in my opinion-for all you UT peeps) to take for some gifts! These look bomb, and every review I read says her recipe is the best!

The World's Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER!!

7. Annnd, last but not least, a strawberry pie. My friend Shelley and I have been wanting to make one for a couple months now! It reminds me of the 4th of July, and my mom used to make at least 2 when all the Carlsbad gang used to get together for dinner (now we are WAY too big!). I don't care if there aren't any patriotic holidays coming up, summer is patriotic, and I'm going to make a strawberry pie at our next backyard BBQ. 

I hope you read this post when your tummy was empty, and you felt like you could eat your fist