June 2, 2014

Weekend, Come Back!

I love the weekend, but you already knew that. It just seems to go by so quickly-they're such a blur!

I had a left over sweet potato, and some eggs, and when you don't go grocery shopping, that's what you make. I love sweet potato hash browns, they're so good! I sprinkled some coconut oil on them in a saucepan, added some chili powder, garlic salt, cumin, and threw in some herbs. They were delish.

We got invited to our friends' wedding. Thank goodness-we were nervous we would make the cut! ;)

^^doesn't Tanner make the best faces? Both of us actually, for that matter.

I saw a really awesome, bada** chick riding, with some animal on her helmet. I'm serious, zoom in and you'll see the paws.

I enjoyed the outdoors this weekend by going on an evening run on Friday, and one on Saturday-then treated myself to breakfast after of course. Then played tennis, and laid by the pool. The Russian olive trees are beautiful, and seriously awesome smelling. Luckily, I have a wonderful friend who likes to be my spouse while my actual spouse is gone at Dental Schools all weekend. Her name is Shelley, and she's such a great friend to me.

But isn't Dr. Z with his simulator person AKA Darwin so darling? I love him. My husband-not necessarily the fake person with the huge mouth.

When Tanner finally came back, he took me on a hot date.

^I've worn that shirt for the last three days, if you wanted to know.

Church was awesome as always, and I felt like everything was directed toward our family. Isn't it crazy how that happens? I love the gospel.

It's hard not to countdown the days until vacation..looks like the next three weeks are gonna be long ones! 

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