June 22, 2014

The Bench's Wedding

We went home to Mesa for a quick weekend, and it was spent celebrating the new Morgan and Mckay Bench! Although I don't know how I ever grew up in that heat, it was such a fun weekend. As you know, my parents moved, and it was so fun to see the house done, and be able to stay in MY new room! :) 
Thursday night we went to dinner at Tia Rosa's (my parents like having me in town for the excuse of our favorite foods!) and just relaxed, and got used to my new surroundings. I seriously couldn't find the bedroom when we got home that night! 
On Friday morning, my sweet mom treated me to a seriously needed pedicure. We then grabbed some salads at the Club (and I was able to get my favorite, a Shirley Temple), I was able to get my hair done by Ashlie (seriously wish either I was in Mesa or she was in Provo to be my stylist!), we ran a few errands, and then it was time for the Rehearsal Dinner! 

She looked stunning as always, and so happy!

After some good times, Tanner and I changed and went to Emily's house to help with their early morning yard sale, and to snack on some peanut butter M&M's, and chat!

Saturday morning we had some breakfast at the club, and then we relaxed that afternoon. I was really planning on laying out, but I didn't want to get all sunscreeny and sweaty before the wedding, because lets be honest, you have to be submerged in the water 24/7 in AZ or you're doomed!

I didn't have makeup on, and this isn't the most flattering angle, but it was a beautiful morning!

The wedding was at the Mesa LDS temple, and it was performed at 3pm. It was blazin when we walked outside, but seeing the beautiful Mr. & Mrs. Bench sure made up for it!

Morg's new nephew Grant, in the cutest little bow tie!

They had their reception at a beautiful estate, and luckily we could sneak into the bride's room for some colder air. ;)

I didn't pick a great time to take pictures of everything outdoor, but it was hot, so I was in a hurry. It looked beautiful, and they did such a good job!

^^that was my favorite!

The wild flowers were seriously to die for.

Some of the maids!

Rissa's brothers helped serve ice cream, and it made me so excited to see her in August when she gets back from her mission!

We took some pretty pictures, and I love the bright colors (and my friends, of course)!

But seriously. Isn't Morgan Bench the prettiest bride you ever did see?!

 the whole party

I was so happy to see one of my life-long friends since elementary school, Haylee, and her precious Ruth. Isn't it fun seeing people from elementary and just reminiscing on life!? I love that girl to pieces, and I want a baby Ruth right now. I need her!

Bride's Room cool off/selfie time

So grateful that my hard working studier took time to be at the wedding with me! I know he wouldn't have missed it, but still, I'm just thankful for him, ok?!

Maids gettin wild.

After the night started ending, we realized we didn't have a picture with THE Bench's! 

Another picture with my sweetie, because it was a beautiful night.

Then they left us, with a sparkler exit!

Then we jetted off on a plane Sunday morning at 7, and took naps when we got home! :) It was such a wonderful weekend, I wish it could have lasted longer!

sleepy eyes 

Congratulations to our best friends Morgan & Mckay Bench, we are SO happy, and proud of you. We can't wait for the fun times ahead!!

Also, don't forget that the Macaron Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight! If you haven't entered yet, make sure you do!! This aint just for Utah peeps either. I like to spread the wealth.


  1. Love! It was a great weekend and so fun seeing you guys.

    PS who is that creeper in the background of the first dance pic??? ;)

  2. love you so so much!!!! thanks for making it down.

  3. Yay I made the blog! :) SO good to see you and wish these visits didn't have to be such a happenstance occurrence.