June 20, 2014

Being parents

We babysat our cute niece last weekend! Although she threw up seven times within an hour of her parents leaving, we had fun! 

There's nothing like taking care of a sweet, sick baby. I hate that they don't feel good! We were able to have a baby at church on Sunday, and everyone was jealous. :) 

We enjoyed a Father's Day dinner, and feel so thankful to have the two best dads! (one each! :) )

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a dozen macarons! This is NOT just for people who live in Utah, either! You won't regret it if you win! :) 

Also, do me a solid and vote for me here? You have to like Axiom Financial's page first, and that's where I work. The two winners get gift cards to home depot, and I really want to get a fire pit for our backyard, so that we can have s'more parties! Because you can't just invite friends over to eat a s'more! ;) 

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