June 14, 2014

A Friday Night Wedding

On Friday night Tanner and Madeline took the train up to me, I picked them up, and we met Andrew at our friends wedding. It was night full of fun! I loved spending time with my hubs, even though the second we got into the car, it was pure silent as he started studying the DAT again. #2moreweekswecandothis And, as I was shakin my booty on the dance floor, I noticed my boss at the wedding...so that was cool.

It was a beautiful backyard, and a perfect night for a wedding.
Congrats Brennan and Kelli!

We had street tacos and mexican sodas, so you can't go wrong with that!

Mads and Anj leave for Hawaii on Monday, and then we leave for trips, and when we get back we have one day until they're in Montana for the rest of the summer. Except, we will see them for one weekend when we visit them! But, we haven't had much time together since they got back from Europe, and I just love her. We always have the best time. So, of course we took a million and one pictures, especially with our favorite drinks. 
And yes, they're the ultimate world travelers!

My #1 bud.

Love them!

We also had some fun in the photo booth...

And thennnn plenty of fun with...BUBBLES!

(they're going to kill me for that! ^^)

It was a fun, and delicious night, and I was so happy it was finally the weekend!


  1. Rylee- you are one gorgeous girl!! I love reading you blog! My husband is currently studying for the DAT also...I am so glad to hear that someone else is going through something similar. Can't wait to read more of your posts! And good luck to you and your hubs!


    1. Celeste, you are so sweet, thank you! When does your hubs take it? I seriously have a constant count down in my head until it's done!

    2. Honestly! He takes it the 6th of August! But, my hubs doesn't apply until next year...he thought he might as well just get the test out of the way and give it time if he wants to take it again. When does your hubby apply? I honestly just am amazing by how much work he is willing to put in always. I am sure you are in the same seat I am! What schools is he applying to?!

  2. I still can't get over that you and maddie are best buds! Love you!