June 1, 2014

A Backyard Bridal Shower

One of my best friends, Morgan, is marrying Mckay on June 21st. Tanner and I couldn't be happier for them, as we've watched their relationship grow. We think they're perfect for each other, and we couldn't be happier for the newest addition at the beach! :)

We couldn't let them get married without a big celebration! We had Morg's shower in my backyard, and Shelley & I envisioned a garden party, and it turned out exactly how we wanted it. We had lots of friends show up, and Morg was gifted some fun and great gifts! We served BBQ Pork sliders, sweet potato fries, a yummy salad, with some cheesecake stuffed strawberries, and yummy and fruity IZZE bottled drinks. For dessert, we had ice cream sundaes in mason jars, and by the end of the night, it's safe to say we were all stuffed. I've learned that with showers, you need help. Luckily usually people love to help, so thankfully, we had a lot of the food covered for, and the husband couldn't be more thankful for that!

We connected my picnic table, with some plastic tables and chairs, and it was the perfect "long dinner table" that I imagined. We had fresh flowers in summery colors (also to go along with Morg's wedding colors) and polka dot paper products. I was really in awe the whole night looking at how it turned out, because like I already said, it was exactly what I had in mind. Candles and tea lights everywhere, and lights in the trees really added to the outdoor effect, and I began to ask everyone to get pregnant so we can have more showers in the backyard!

To start off, I wanted to have some hanging flowers. I originally didn't envision this hanging in the trees, but I'm so glad Shelley suggested it, because it added a perfect background. I had seen a few things like this, but because we wouldn't be using fresh flowers, I used fake. I ended up going to the Dollar Store, and was actually nervous with the quality of those cheap flowers, but once it was done, I was happy with the result. I found an old stick in the yard, and started hot-gluing the flowers onto fishing wire.

(this was a snapchat picture so it's extra blurry!)

It was so nice to have Memorial Day the day before, because we were able to get everything set up and ready to go. We found our Bistro lights at Target, and got them during their Outdoor Sale, so buy one get one half off-holla! Make sure to buy the clear globe-not frosted- for that extra sparkle.

Brimley made a darling invitation for everyone.

Lets get down to business.. and that's where I mean picture overload.

Thank goodness to other people taking pictures, because at every single event, I never make time to take them. I really need to get better at that!

We gathered up some great things from my house decorations, my sister-in-laws, and some from Shelley's house! We got our flowers at Costco, stuck them in mason jars, had candles, (citronella ones of course!), and some cactus plants from Ikea that added a nice touch.

B is for Bench!

The only picture I got with Morg. It was SO hot setting up, and with my oven on in our non-A/C house, I was literally sweating. So this is the best thing we got! Isn't she going to be the prettiest bride ever?

^^ typical of us ^^

Unfortunately I didn't snag a picture of the fun "He Said, She Said" game we played. The formatting messed up when I emailed it, so I'll have to add it another day. Brimley won, and got to take home one of the darling Ikea cacti! I guess it pays being close friends with the bride! :) 
I'm going to have to buy some for our house soon...just wishing I had a window sill!

Once the sun set, it was so pretty too! I was wishing I could keep everything set up for a couple weeks and just eat dinner out there. I loved it, and I hope Morg did too!

And that's a wrap! 
I love parties, and marriage.

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  1. you are such an amazing party planner!!! i need you for every event in my life! love you!