May 8, 2014


Since it's "throwback Thursday", and because I like to reminisce on old pictures, especially when i was somewhere warm, and it's cold in Utah (like always), let's take a look at some Honeymoon pics. (sorry for that unbelievably long sentence.)

I had dreamed about visiting The Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley filmed Holiday in the Sun (remember-I'm still obsessed). After begging every Spring Break, and holiday, and never making it with my parents, my sweet Tanner surprised me with this trip. We were married in October, smack dab in the school year, so we went during Thanksgiving, and it was perfect. I loved having a trip to look forward to, having a little bit of time to get to know each other first, and spending our first real holiday together, just the two of us! And, we didn't care to get international service, so we just used our phones for strictly pictures. I loved not having a worry in the world, and really being able to enjoy each other. 

When we first got there, I couldn't believe my dream had really come true. And I'm serious... I'm the type of person that sent links to my parents any time I would get a discounted email sent from the Atlantis. I really wanted to visit! And although my favorite twins didn't surprise me with a visit like I had hoped, we truly had a blast, and I will never forget this trip! I don't know the next time we will have a trip like this-just the two of us-so I love looking back on it. Now for some pictures, because who doesn't like pictures!? we were babies.

When we finally walked around in the daytime, and I saw ^that^ view, I couldn't stop being so giddy. 

They're known for their miles and miles of aquarium. You walk through tunnels and halls, you can go down a slide in a tunnel of sharks, and every pool of water (besides the actual pools of course) have animals that you wouldn't particularly want to swim with.

We were able to check out the Casino every night, along with seeing a movie in the free theater! I think that was the only free thing in the resort! :) The Bahamas law allowed me to gamble even when I was 20! Cha Ching. But, we only did penny slots, because we didn't want to be even poorer when we went home!

We swam with the dolphins at Dolphin Cay, and my second dream came true. We loved it. We even got to swim next to them under water, because we had those electric scooter things! They're pretty amazing animals. And, our dolphin even spat on Tanner and laughed, and it was seriously the funniest thing ever. One of my favorites memories though would've been lounging on the chairs after our session was done, watching the dolphins doing tricks, listening to Beach Boys Christmas. Besides laughing at each other getting into those great wet-suits, of course.

We had a delicious feast on Thanksgiving, and loved that everything was decorated for Christmas.

We can't forget the great Thanksgiving festival that went down!

We had lots of great food that week, and my favorite was the Ben & Jerry's down by the marina. 

This boy doesn't crave desserts like his wife does-but for some reason one night, he decided to crave them, and forget about his frugal-ness! ;)

If you're ever in Nassau, you MUST go to Twin Brothers. Seriously, so sad that we went on one of our last nights, and that the cab ride was $50 just to go over the bridge. That's our one regret of the trip-not going more than once!

I loved the day that we snuck into "The Cove" adult resort, and enjoyed their laid back beach, and went jet skiing-eventhough I was screaming/crying the whole time because the water was so clear-and because those waves were so scary-and because those Bahamian peeps didn't really get the whole "explaining of how to drive back to shore" thing.

I read and finished this book during the week-yep, on our Honeymoon!

And, unfortunately, our flights got changed the week before, so we ended getting there later, and leaving earlier, but they hooked us up on First Class for the whole way, with a limo included, and we didn't know what we were doing. 

The pools were gorgeous, and we sat in the lazy rapids ( wasn't just relaxing, but fun too!) all day long. I will have to post the videos of us in the Shark tunnel, because man that was scary. 

Flying away I may have shed a tear or two. 
It was the trip of a lifetime, and we hope to visit soon, Nassau!

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