May 19, 2014

Our Weekend

I say this every time, but this weekend was full of fun. Friday night we were able to attend the temple together, and then grab some dinner. It was a perfect evening.

Saturday was pretty crazy, and we were running around all day! Stating with an 8am kickball game with our ward, that was cancelled. We had to go pick something up at City Creek, Tanner watered our front and backyard, and I noticed some new, pretty, purple flowers coming in! It's fun to see what the seasons do, since we haven't been in the house for long. It's so exciting to me!

That night, we went to dinner with Brim and Scott, took a rest, and then grabbed some ice cream, at my favorite IKE'S! Then we chatted until 1am. It always happens, and we always regret it Sunday morning, but it was such a great night. 

Sunday, we had a picnic in the canyon with the Zylstra's, complete with hot dogs, watermelon, chips, and s'mores! It was such a hot day, and then was chilly when we left! I love how green everything is right now!

s'mores & babies=nothing better

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