May 5, 2014

Our Weekend

Our week(end) consisted of seeing family from out of state, treats and goodbyes to Madison before she goes to Europe, a baby blessing, cheesecake with a view, take your husband to work day, a birthday party, a picnic in Heber, and lots of fun (if you couldn't already tell!)

Thursday evening my sister Kodi flew in (but you know this from my previous post). She was having a girls weekend in Park City with her friends, and I was lucky enough to pick her up from the airport, and hang with her for an hour! She took Tanner and I out to dinner at City Creek, and we met her friends there. It was so fun to be with her, even if it was only for an hour. I wouldn't have seen her until July, so it made me very happy! There really is nothing like a sister!

Friday I worked from home, and Tanner was able to come on a few errands with me! We then headed up to Heber that evening to celebrate Shelley, and her brother in-law Brady's graduation! It was so beautiful up there, and Brady's parents live in a beautiful historic home. We were soakin up that beautiful scenery, and the endless desserts, of course. I'm so proud of Shelley for graduating! She's been through a lot this past year, and she still managed to pull through, and get an awesome new job! So grateful for our 15+ years of friendship!

(Here's a series of some barn pics...)

Haha I accidentally punched him in the face getting into our "engagement" pose.

Saturday morning we went to our friends' daughters' birthday party, and it was followed by a delicious breakfast! We then had errands and things we had to do, so it was kind of a busy Saturday. Later that evening we went to Draper to visit my brother in-law Rob, who is married to my other sister Brooke. He had been on a business trip, so we met him at his brothers house for pizza, and cheesecake on their deck with an amazing view of the city, and the Draper temple.

Sunday morning we went to a baby blessing in Kaysville, and get this. There were 5 babies getting blessed! One family had triplets, and it was so awesome to experience those amazing blessings, for 5 new & beautiful babies!

I would say we had a filled weekend! Hoping this week goes by fast again, because well, I like the weekends! :)

Our tulips are gone, but new flowers our poppin up! 
Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

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