May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

I really wish every weekend was a 3-day weekend. Doesn't it just make life better!? 
Friday night we went up near Hobble Creek for our ward's campout, but we just went up for dinner. Tanner's allergies haven't been too great this year, and it wouldn't have been a fun experience! Though, I would love to camp where our ward did, because it was just a beautiful grass field! We enjoyed dinner and games, and meeting new people!

Saturday Shelley and I ran errands for Morgan's shower (post coming soon) and took a stop at Called to Surf at The Riverwoods. We EVENT WENT SURFING! Jk, that's not real.

When I was picking up new gel polishes (I'm startin back up, ladies!) Shelley got some color, and asked me to do her hair. Of course I said yes! It turned out great.

^^You can never have too many wrinkles! :/

Then that evening, Tanner and I enjoyed a homemade meal on Saturday (I feel like that never happens?) Outside on our picnic table!

^^ Carb loading? They were small!

Sunday I enjoyed holding Mr. Caleb, my little Cafe Rio burrito baby. Seriously, he's so teensy, and I love him. Look at that blondie!

We then headed up the Canyon with everyone else and their sisters, and had a picnic. We didn't make time for s'mores, but I know it'll be happening soon. It was such a beautiful day! 
This is my friend Morgan, and her fiance Mckay...they're my friends.

Then I got started working on a "flower wall" for the shower.

I found a nifty stick in the backyard, got flowers from the dollar store, and got gluin!

I really loved how it turned out!

Monday came, and we (Shelley and I) set up the tables outside, got donuts with my husband, ran last minute errands, hung up the lights, and chilled by the pool for a couple hours. 
I also forgot that it was my first real time in the sun this summer, so not putting sunscreen on my legs (which usually never burn) was a mistake. And, I have a HUGE bright red v on my neck, but I'll spare the pictures.

We then had a last minute BBQ with friends, and played lots of corn hole. I would say it was a success!


  1. I feel so proud that Caleb made the blog and so stupid that I just saw it!

    1. Oops, Rach I guess I should have gotten permission first, right!? Haha, he will probably become famous now for his good looks, and you'll have to give me 25% of his earnings. ;)