May 10, 2014

Food Trucks

As I've said before, Food Trucks are all the rage in Provo right now. On Thursday's they even have a "food truck round up" where all the trucks park in a little circle, and basically you're in heaven. We've been to Fiore multiple times, and Art City Donuts multiple times, and I think they're both fabulous. There's a couple I probably won't ever buy from, but I think we now have our staples! :)

We've been wanting to go to the round up for a while now, but we always have something on Thursday's, or by the time we realize it's Thursday, I've already had dinner preparing, etc. This Thursday, I was so not in the mood to cook, and that meant, we were officially going. We tracked down Fiore, and ordered a pizza. We enjoyed it outside on their tables, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!

I mean...look at that!

We then headed to The Matterhorn, a new food truck, with gourmet French Toast. And let me tell ya, we wish we had more! We got the berry avalanche, and it had biscoff, mixed berries, cream, AND coconut syrup. Are you salivating yet? We will definetly be tracking this one down, along with our other favorites. SO yum!

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