May 22, 2014

A mid-afternoon blog post

Just 3 things to make this post completely random...

1. On my way to work, there was a colliding semi crash, on the freeway, so that was interesting. There's two cars in the front, and one on the side, and yes that semi is going the wrong way... Luckily,and thankfully, everyone walked it off? #miracle

2. We finally stained our picnic table, and I love it! I loved the raw wood, but it just looks so sleek now! And look at our cute wild flowers. I die. 
don't look at the legs...we haven't flipped it over yet, ok?

3. Yesterday was Shell Bell's birthday, and we of course went to In N Out for dinner, and then celebrated with cake & ice cream, scotcharoos, and music.

Holla it's a three day weekend coming up. Lot's of fun. Can't wait.

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