April 27, 2014

wishing it could be a 3-day weekend

This weekend was so much fun. On Friday we were in SLC, at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, supporting our girl Lex at her wedding! Unfortunately, I was a bad friend and didn't get any pics with the bride. But she looked absolutely stunning, and it was fun to be with the gang chattin and dancin. The best part of the night was that I got to see Mindy, who is serving at Temple Square on her mission, so she was able to get permission to come to the reception! It was such a great surprise, and I talked with her for 30 minutes just us, and I loved it! We then went home and turned on the latest Shark Tank episode, obviously.

Saturday morning we got up early to go to the gym, we did some things around the house, and then somehow, we ended up watching 1 too many episodes of Law & Order (we don't even watch this!), and took naps listening to the rain. I think we deserved it, and I also think you should always take a nap when it's raining. I loved having a lazy afternoon with my squeeze. We then decided that Cafe Rio sounded like a delicious dinner, so we headed there, and were going to use our free movie tickets once again, but whatdoyouknow the showing only had the first row available. So, we went to the 9:20 showing, and had time to spare again! We walked around University Mall, playing the "what smell is this" at Bath & Body Works. Sitting by the fireplace, and doing other fun stuff-just the two of us. We headed to Captain America, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I don't even think I have seen the first one, but man, was it good. The only "superhero" movie I like is Batman, so I was really surprised. It was awesome, and we loved it!

Sunday we had yet another great church, and a new Relief Society was called, so I'm excited about this new and great change. We headed to Shelley's for some dinner, sessions of hair breading, followed by homemade cookies with friends! It was a great weekend, and now that Tanner isn't in school, I feel like it should be a 3 day weekend, because I don't ever want to go to work the next day!

Hoping this weather decides to get warm again, and stay that way. We've had some bipolar days, and I'm kinda ready for the heat to be back!

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