April 11, 2014

Friday's Make Me Crave Fries.

It's Friday, ya'll. 
Nothing that makes me happier.
And the title has nothing to do with this post, or anything at all. I just like fries, and I could use some Guru's sweet potato fries right about now-yes, even at 9:30am.

It's been SO nice outside. At work, some gals and I go for a walk everyday, on the path that's next to the TRAX. And yesterday, we went TWICE just because we loved it so much, and we think 15 minutes outside will give us base tans..better than where I was, right?

Last night, we made dinner out of whatever we had in the house (since I haven't been to the store since last Saturday-bad wife) ate outside on the grass, and talked! It seriously was such a great night. And, we even topped it off with a Reese's shake from JCW's. 

Then, a new TV show popped on, called Killer Karaoke, and it was so unbelievably stupid, we just couldn't stop watching. Everyone was so weird, and for some reason we were completely glued. Below is a clip that might get you laughing.

I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend ahead with some fun plans!

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