April 30, 2014

Ingrid Michaelson

Last night, I attended the Ingrid Michaelson concert in SLC, at The Venue (which felt like a jail). It was a perfect GNO starting with a delicious dinner at Z Tejas. She had two amazing opening acts, Alternate Routes, and Storyman. They got the night going strong, and they were a blast to listen to. I'll be downloading some of their tunes shortly.

(Alternate Routes)

 Ingrid has a song on her new album with Storyman, so it was very cool to hear them play that together too!

Let's talk about this cutie. She's hilarious for firsts, and is AMAZING live. I couldn't get over it. It was such a dream to finally hear her live after all of these years. I will definitely be looking for her next upcoming concert!

Emily pointed out my "suspenders" in this picture. Ha it's my purse! I could have been SO hipster at that concert ;)

She has the wittiest humor, and you could tell her band just absolutely adores her too. Check out her new album: Lights Out here, it may be my favorite (aside from her classic songs).
(please excuse her weird website with the dancing men, it's from her music video...)

Also, did you know she's married to Greg Laswell? Em looked it up after the concert. He was there and sang with her too! AND, he opened for Sara Bareilles when I saw her way back when, and have been obsessed with this song he sings. What a power couple!

Being tired from the night before is always worth it if you attend a concert! So glad I was able to see Ingrid live!

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