April 24, 2014


I have always wanted to go to Ellen's show, but now I am convinced that I just need to do something cool, so that I can be flown out there. Ok ok, I won't, but in all seriousness, I've thought about it. Ellen is just a great gal, isn't she? I think she's hilarious, and I hope someday I really can go to her show. 

Southwest Airlines has this really cool, awesome, and hilarious flight attendant, and her funny flight video went viral pretty dang quickly. You can watch that here

I love that Ellen gives back, and spoils people who deserve it! 

In other news, Tanner finished his last final, and I couldn't be happier. A: Because the mustache will be gone (he says it helps with finals....) B: I will finally have my husband back for more than 2 seconds, and we can actually talk when we are in the same room now! YAY!

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