March 3, 2014

 This weekend was super fun, and it involved lots of good friends, and lotssss of good food! On Friday night, we all headed to Cafe Rio, then onto the BYU Volleyball game against USC. Men's volleyball is always fun to watch, and we had a great time dancing to the great background music BYU plays at games. We then headed to Yogurtland after the big win for some samples, and then we watched some Shark Tank. Saturday morning after a nice, yet not too long morning of sleeping in, we went on a quick jog around our neighborhood. The weather was so beautiful, and was about to rain, I love that! We came back, and I seriously wanted a smoothie, like real bad. I had some frozen bananas, so I threw them in the blender, and voila! My friend made some "soft serve" one night out of frozen bananas, so I decided to copy her a little bit. I wanted to add some almond or peanut butter, but I decided to just add a little bit of water, so it was strictly bananas. I topped it with a smidge of honey, and some homemade coconut granola that my lovely visiting teachers brought by! It was better than my craving, and it filled me up until late afternoon when we got lunch!

We cleaned out Tanner's car to get ready to sell, so we had a LOT of cleaning to do with the car, inside the house, and in the backyard. We rewarded ourselves with a big, juicy burger AND fries (I screamed inside when he let me order fries!:) ) from Smashburger. It was a delicious lunner.

Later in the evening we headed to yet another volleyball game with Madeline and Andrew, and topped off the night with some Swig cookies, and Dirty Dr. Pepper's.

See? A LOT of eating. But I love to eat, so it is worth it.

Last night we watched the Oscars with Morgan and Mckay, and Ha! Our diet starts now. I love watching the oscars strictly for the gowns. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even recognize some of the actors!

I'm glad we get the start of another week, and that we leave for Mesa next Thursday! Party on.

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