March 28, 2014

Our St. George Trip

Alright, alright. I know I promised pictures of our trip about three days ago, but my original post (along with some of my tabs, and design) got completely deleted with one little click. And then, because Blogger is just so dang quick, it was saved like that forever. So, I had a second's worth of freaking out, and then decided it wasn't worth getting stressed over, and took a few "days off".

On Wednesday we sold Tanner's beloved Big Blue. I couldn't get over 40 on the freeway, so that was cool. A couple months ago we were told it could potentially blow up at any minute, and a potential buyer's mechanic heard I was taking it to Carmax, and told me to NOT drive it on the freeway. When I kissed Tanner goodbye that morning, I literally thought that was the last time I would be seeing him, and I'm serious. I've never said so many prayers in one drive. I almost got hit by multiple honking semi's, but I started having my flashers on at all times, so I think they started to get the hint. It was another stressful car day, but hopefully we won't have any more of those for a while, or I'll have to start taking Tanner's scooter on the freeway. Oh what a sight! I've received manyyyy tender mercies this week, and I'm very thankful.

bye bye.

Moving on to St. Geezy. My boss had a vacation rental that she ended up selling, so my responsibility was to go down and host a moving sale. I was extremely excited, because it was my first time staying in St. George, so I was ready to explore, and see the beautiful red rock. As stressful as it was getting prepared to sell someone else's furniture, it ended up being a blast, and I wish we could have stayed longer! And, did I mention it was a free trip!? So pretty much, after this week, I feel very accomplished with my driving skills.

Morg & Mckay, and Shell came with us. It just so happened that Shelley's sister and brother in-law went down the same weekend, so it was a party, to say the least.

We left on Friday afternoon, and got there in time to post the furniture on KSL and Craigslist, make some signs for our Moving Sale, and get a bite to eat at The Habit, one of our favorite places to eat in CA!

We then started The Butler super late, (I wouldn't recommend seeing it), and it ended up being longer than we imagined. So, we all went to sleep late, and I started getting phone calls at 6am for the furniture.

We were exhausted and hungry after the sale, since we only had Costco muffins all day (not complaining), but decided to go on the most gorgeous hike ever (that should give you the location-GO!) We stopped at The Lunch Box right near Dixie to fuel up, and I would definitely go back!

The drive to the hike took about 20 minutes, and we were able to enjoy some beautiful scenery.

We had to wait a couple minutes for a parking spot, so of course we pumped up the music, and took some pics.

Once we got to the actual hike, I was so overwhelmed with how breathtaking the red rock, along with how green it was getting! I was already so pumped for the hike, but I had NO idea it would be so amazing. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

The weather was absolutely perfect. We started and ended with our jackets on. I loved it. Perfect hiking weather!

We didn't have to go through these boulders, but we loves the adventure!

Senior Pics


They still love each other, no worries.

A little kid, and his froggie.

I had a blast with my best bud.

If you didn't know, we were actually at the pyramids!

It was so windy at one point!

We obviously had a complete blast! Sunday we cleaned up, picked up and packed the Uhaul (well the men did!), and had a sage drive home. If anyone wants to buy a couch or some barstools, hit me up! :)

This was my print-out for my work space this week. It's such a great reminder, and I just love it. Happy Friday!

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