March 25, 2014

Just One of Those Days

This past weekend we enjoyed a quick trip to St. George with some of our friends. I had to go down and hold a moving sale for my boss since she was selling her vacation home. We ended up selling a lot more than we thought we would, and having 4 friends to help at the sale was seriously awesome. We couldn't have done it without them. And, I don’t think any of us were complaining about warmer weather, free gas and a place to stay! We only brought home 2 couches, 2 large chairs, and some bar stools to sell. Yesterday, I was trying to get those sold, and take back the U haul, etc. It was a non-stop weekend, so it was nice to relax a little while working at home.

I had plans with one of her friends to help me unload the furniture in the afternoon, but had to wait for his call when he became available. So, I basically spent all day posting ad after ad on Craigslist and KSL, and every yard sale Facebook group in Utah County you could imagine. I had a few interests, but no one followed through. Tanner came home at lunch and we were able to spend a few short minutes together before I took him back to school. I had to go home real quick (to put on shoes rather than slippers), and once I got back in the car, I realized every.set.of.keys we had was inside on the key rack, and the spare key was in Tanner’s jacket inside. I started to freak out, because I now had no way of getting inside of our house. I quickly ran to Tanner’s scooter to see if his keys happened to be in there, but no such luck. I tried using a credit card to unlock the knob, but I knew better, because that didn't work last time we were locked out...
I ran downstairs to our tenants, and asked them to see if our laundry door was unlocked, even though I was sure that I had locked it after doing laundry. I always lock it. Well, what do you know, I received a very tender mercy when I was able to sneak into our house through the laundry door, because it was in fact, unlocked. I cried in the car for a second (once I grabbed my keys!) and thanked my Heavenly Father for that mini blessing.
Then I was off to take the furniture to my boss’ house. When I arrived at the house, I received two texts from people interested in the chairs and bar stools. Awesome. We unloaded everything, and then reloaded what we needed back into the truck so that I could finally drop off the U-haul. I had to rush back to BYU to drop Tanner off at an interview, and I was driving the truck with chairs in the back, I couldn't see out the windows, AND I was hauling a U-Haul. Tanner told me to pick him up at the WILK, and because I was having a teeny anxiety attack, I couldn't think for the life of me where to go. I was going to be late, I couldn't see driving, and I couldn't think of any dang buildings at BYU. I called him crying, and he didn't even make fun of me! I turned into the left lane to Chik Fil A at Bulldog, but noticed, after the U-Haul was already veering to the left lane, that that in fact, wasn't the left lane at the intersection. It took me 5 minutes of very fast breathing and shaky hands, to get in the right lane after a car finally let me back over.

Ok, I was now on my way to get Tanner, when the security guard almost didn't let me through. Then he noticed my red eyes, and the fact that I was pulling a freaking U-Haul, and he let me through. I was struggling in that tiny parking lot, if you can only imagine. I dropped off Tanner a minute late, but luckily, the Dr. was running late.

I was finally on my way to drop off the dang trailer, when I went to the U-Haul store, and not the drop off place. Who knew there was a separate U-haul store in Provo? Now you know.  I now had to learn how to back up a trailer in a tiny parking lot, because after my begging and pleading, the worker wouldn't just do it for me. I didn't care about policies, I just needed someone to do it for me! I got through it, and was off to the drop off. Everything went well, and I got to D.I. to drop everything off, and realized it was now 5:15, and we had dinner plans at 6, with me in charge of cooking. I rushed to Smith’s, marinated the chicken for maybe 30 minutes, stuck in the potatoes, and somehow, the Chicken came out amazing on the grill. I had a couple pick up the chairs, and finally I felt like I could relax and eat my dinner.

Why do some days switch so quickly into one of the craziest days of your life!? Even through the anxiety attacks, tears, and laughing hysterically at my stupid self, I can now say I feel confident backing up a trailer, and driving a trailer with no visuals! I’m thankful I was given mini reminders that my Heavenly Father cares for me, and doesn't want me to be stressed! It’s funny how some of the most ridiculous situations can be the biggest answers to your prayers.

Tomorrow, I will have some breathtaking pictures of St. George!

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  1. Haha I love you Ry! I'm sorry about your stressful day. I cannot believe you did all that pulling a Uhaul!! But I smiled the whole time reading this imagining you stuck in that middle lane and driving in the tiny wilk parking lot!!! :)