March 17, 2014

Orange Blossoms are my Fav.

What do you get when you do the Irish jig at McDonalds?

A SHAMROCK SHAKE! (I don't know why I just made you wait that long...)

Happy St. Patricks Day to you, I hope you felt the luck o the irish, and that you saw lots of rainbows. I'm Irish, and my luck wasn't too great'll learn about that shortly, don't you worry.

This past weekend was spent in good ole' Mesa town. We ate, relaxed, spent time with family, ate some more, and smelled the amazing orange blossoms-there really is nothing like that smell, I love it! It was the most perfect, beautiful weather, and I loved spending the weekend in AZ during my favorite time of the year! We were supposed to go down for a big Rogers reunion in lovely Parker, AZ, and camp in trailers by the river. BUT somehow the dates got mixed up with the rentals, so we had to reschedule. Our flights were already booked, and I would get to sleep in my comfy bed, and be able to shower when I wanted, so I really didn't have a complaint.

We got in late Thursday night, and immediately went to Nielsen's for some Grinders, and frozen Custard. It satisfied our cravings, very much so!

Friday morning we headed to the new LDS Gilbert temple (like I talked about back here) and I can't even describe how beautiful it was. Inside and out, my jaw just kept dropping! It was so fun to experience that with my parents also, because there is nothing than brings you closer, than going to the temple.

The architecture, and glass was seriously just beautiful. And the flowers on the grounds were so perfect, they just make you smile! The water feature they have around back makes for the perfect side noise, and it just made me SO happy to be there!

It was realllllly bright too.

Before we left, I was thinking of some things we could do, considering our original plans got cancelled. I feel like every time we go down, it's for an occasion, and for a quick weekend. So, I wanted to have a fun activity to do with Tanner. I instantly thought of Spring Training games, so I looked them up, and whadoyaknow, the Cubs were playing the Dodgers on Friday! So I searched every where for tickets to surprise him, but it was saying even lawn seats were sold out. As I disappointedly told my mom, she found tickets online, purchased them, and my parents surprised us with a fun afternoon date, lunch and treats included! It was SO fun. The new Cubs Spring Training stadium is a "remake" of the one in Chicago, so it was such a fun atmosphere. There were TONS of fans for both teams, and it really made it fun. (please don't count how many times I just used the word fun, because I'm not re-writing it.)

I know it probably seems like Tanner and I are constantly together, but we're not. I only get to see him for a couple hours a day, and most of the time, we are sitting in silence while he studies and does homework. So for him to miss classes on Friday, and spend the entire day with ME was seriously a dream. And, I love seeing him in his element. It was seriously an afternoon to remember with my sweetie.

 Of course we had to get some Chicago Dogs! We got a Chicago, and a Wrigley Field Dog. The Wrigley Field one was SO much better, and had pulled pork on it! I actually hated the Chicago one! :/
And, I was expecting them to be like HUGE dogs or something, but they were kinda baby-ish!

My mom was worried about the seats, because they were pretty cheap, and last minute, but they were PERFECT. We didn't have too many people on our row, and we were in shade the whole time, which is a good thing for my little Dutch boy. 

(We actually asked a lady for some of her sunscreen as we were walking in!)

I've had a problem with spilling on myself lately (I get it from Grams Shirley). This time, it was on my newly washed sneaks. Of course.

We put a dollar in on the 50/50 raffle, that had around $12,000 in it! We lost.

^^I used my paper to cover a very "hairy spot" on my leg Tanner kept pointing out. We don't shave in Utah, ok?

We then ended off the afternoon with some nachos and a delicious lemonade, because come on, those hot dogs were small!

I also fell asleep for a quick second during the game...embarrassing.

We loved our afternoon at the ballpark! Thanks momsie and popsicle!

Later in the evening we had dinner with my sister Brooke's family, and grams and gramps. We went to Venezias pizza, and it was delicious as always, but I was pretty dang stuffed from the afternoon!

We then headed to Rob and Brooke's new house! YAY! We are so excited for them. It's right on the golf course, so my mom took this awesome picture of us, with the huge moon. It was crazy huge!

After, Tanner and I went with them and the kids to Nielsens, (we eat a lot when we are home, ok?) then back to their house for a movie, and chatted until 2am. Neither one of us could keep our eyes open! It sure was a blast though.

My parents are currently building a house, and should move in very shortly. So, as my mom goes through the garage and storage, she brings in some treasures. She brought in all of my posters from when I was a Dillard's baby, and this one was always my favorite! I miss that hair!

The next morning we went to Crackers for breakfast (hah! I'm seriously embarrassed for admitting we are heffers) and enjoyed eating outside in the sunshine. Tanner then worked on homework while I laid by the pool, and then my sweet mother and I headed to go shop, or just "out" like we like to tell Daddio.

I guess I've been exhausted lately? This was at 9pm! But then we watched Gravity after, and that sure woke me up!

Sunday we went to my old ward, the Groves Ward (my parents go to Singles Wards every week, because my dad is in the Stake Presidency). I haven't been to that ward since Marissa's farewell, but really, since I graduated. I rarely went the whole time in High School, because I would go to Young Womens, and then go to Singles Ward Relief Society, so I could be with my mom. It was odd, but my dad is great at it! It was great to see old faces, and then realize how much the ward has changed, and how we actually have like, babies and toddlers! 

We had a great Sunday dinner with the fam, and then we had to catch our flight with US Airways, who I hate, and I have talked about them before. But, I'll post about them later.

This picture is dark, but it's the last I have in front of the only house I've ever known. It was great to come home "one last time", because it's going to be SO different in a new house, with new surroundings. But, this new house is going to be GREAT for my parents, and they have done such a great job with it. It's much more modern and fresh, and I think it's going to be a good change for them. I'm just PRAYING that a good family gets that house and takes good care of it, because it will always be MY home, forever and ever.
 I didn't think I would get emotional writing that!

Coming soon...why that picture ^^^ made me late to work this morning. 


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