March 5, 2014

Favorite Things Partayyy

Last night, I had some of my best girlfriends over for a Girls Night, and a "My Favorite Things Party". I had been wanting to host one of these parties for a very long time, and really wanted to do one in December. But, that month is so so crazy for everyone, and we were I don't even know why that was even an possibility.

If you haven't heard of this type of party, its basically a white elephant party, with good gifts set under a budget, and it has to be a favorite thing. I did mine a little differently because all of us are married, or in school, so we were on a budget! We just did 2 gifts under $10, but I've seen 3 gifts under $10 or $5, I've even seen 6 gifts across the web! We decided we will do that when we are rich and famous...!

Moving on.. You figure out what is your favorite thing and you bring 2 of them. You wrap them all cute, as you can see they were (!) and then you eat lots of yummy desserts, and chat. We played a game when everyone first got there that I found from a couple different blogs, and sadly I don't have the links. BUT! I do have the link to my print-out. 

I think this made it so fun! Without telling the guests, have everyone answer a little questionnaire. Then, go around giving your answers to ex: your favorite book, holiday, etc. If someone has the same answer as you, you cross it off. It's funny how some answers were SO similar, and some, no one got the same! At the end, have everyone count up how many answers they have un-crossed, and whoever has the most gets a prize! My winners got mini bags of Cadberry eggs, because duh, they're the best! 

Here is a sample of our game, and you can download it here

I think I want to do this every time, with just different questions. It was so fun to hear everyone's opinions, and see who was alike!

For the decor, I wanted it to be very bright, and help welcome in Spring! What better way to do that, than with Target products? I was having a hard time finding matching plates and napkins in the clearance section, but then I figured it would be even more darling to have it bright, eclectic, and mismatched. I ended up finding those for like $6 total! My tablecloth was actual "cloth", and didn't have a clearance sticker, but It's always good to ask, because, lucky me... It was $2, and had a fun yellow polka dot pattern-score! I found a small handful of purple flowers ($6), and stuck them in mason jars, which I have an endless amount of, because they're my lovers. I already had bright straws to use, and all of the cake plates, ramekins, etc. because I might have an obsession with Crate & Barrel. I bought some "pre-baked" baguettes  that I didn't even know existed. I sliced them up, popped them in the oven, and it makes your house smell like warm, freshly baked bread! On the side of that, we had the delicious popper dip from Costco. Shelley brought a Cheesecake, and we had some berries, and hot fudge for toppings, Kenzie brought some delicious peanut butter bars, and Aubree made some Golden Oreo truffles! Everything was so yum! We then had a white grape-ginger ale spritzer that I think is always a go-to at parties. It's always fun when people bring treats, because it lays off the cost, and brings variety-thanks friends! 

I made the tassel garland at midnight the night before, because that's how I roll. I used this tutorial from A Ruffled Life (who I love), and because I'm currently obsessed with what DIY's Brooke Walker has on her show! It was super easy, because aint nobody got time to twist and glue, and all that stuff! And then, it was hung with some bright orange washi tape, because... why wouldn't it be? 

(I always forget to take pictures before everyone arrives, so these pictures were all taken in a hurry! I'm making it a goal to get better!)

Now onto the gifts, from left to right: (please ignore my chipped off "disco ball nails", and the horrible pictures. We were playing with flash, and the HDR..)

MarLeice brought her favorite Covergirl Mascara, and it seemed to be a lot of people's favorites!
Brimley brought Moulin Rouge, and The Devil Wears Prada

Aubree brought some Baby Lips, and a Swig gift card!
Morgan brought some Cadberry Eggs, and lipstick
Shelley brought some Medicated Baby Lips (we are both currently obsessed with Soothing Sorbet), and a Cherry Coke

Kenzie brought some adorable notebooks and pens
Madeline brought Biore nose strips!
Emily brought a Sports Armband for when running
and I gave some whole wheat pasta, and sauce, because I always like to have it on hand.

Here is the little Insta collage of our winnings! 

I thought it was such a fun night with my girlfriends! 
Girls Night's are something that definitely needs to happen more often, because I think it's nice to bond closer to someone other than your huzband, no offense babe! ;)

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