March 29, 2014

A Saturday Craft

This afternoon, I made a wreath that I've had on my mind for a couple days now. When we were at the St. George home, I took home some brown coffee filters that were left over from renters because I had been wanting to make this wreath for a while now. But, I also wanted to make a new Easter wreath. So,  after searching for a few ideas, and realizing I didn't want to dye my filters especially because they were brown, I came up with the idea of making a wreath out of coffee filters, and cupcake liners. Sounds weird right? Well, luckily it came out better than I had imagined!

I grabbed a foam wreath at Hobby Lobby for $5, and used my 40% off coupon. Morgan than suggested to cut them in half, so that it would be flat against the door, and we can save it for another wreath in the future! I'm glad I have such smart friends! JK...she read that on Pinterest. :)

I bought these mini cupcake liners because they were the perfect pastel color I was looking for. I was worried about them being mini, but once again, they worked better than expected!

I just flattened the coffee liner, and then pinched the edged together to make a "flower". Towards the end, I realized that it was better to cut off the point, so it would be easier to hot glue. I then used those scraps for some fillers when I saw blank space.

Once I glued them onto the foam wreath, I just made clusters of the colored cupcake liners, and also added some white liners that I had lying around. 

I decided to add the colors sporadically, and towards the top, then the bottom, and just keeping with the pattern.

And, Voila! I love how it turned out! 

If you had lots of time, it would also be super cute to just do the pastel colors, but I really love the contrast on mine. I hope you enjoy!

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