February 10, 2014

weekends are always too short

This weekend was a good one, but it wasn't quite long enough. They never are! Friday afternoon Shelley surprised me at my office, and we ran over to Fashion Place to get her new phone. We then enjoyed a little Sprouts sandwich, along with some mango lemonade, followed by great conversation. It was JUST what I needed. It was seriously so fun, and so nice of her to think of me on her way up north! 

That evening we went to sushi with our friends from the ward, Seth and Stephanie, and that was great times too. Sushi never disappoints, especially when it's followed by homemade pazookies, and the Olympics. Now that's seriously my kind of night!

Saturday morning Brim and I hung out for a little while Scott was taking a test, and Tanner was at his DAT practice. I dragged her around for errands, and it was great to have her company. I also love that we live literally 2 minutes from each other. It's so so fun! We always laugh at how we married those two freaks. Who would've known we would be stuck together forever, but I'm sure glad it's with Brim!

Once Tanner got home, we ran up to City Creek to grab an alteration, then I got my new phone (yay!), and we made dinner at home. We love America, and LOVE the Olympics, so we watched that together. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get a new tv! :/ I then ran to Smith's real quick (literally. I love how close we live now!) And then headed to bed.

Oh! And we realized it was two years ago that we went on our first date! Yay!!

Sunday I ran to a meeting, and then we enjoyed a great 3 hours of church! We love getting to know other couples in our ward. It's such a change from a married ward! We then had Tanner's siblings come over for dinner, and then we headed to Shelley's for dessert, in honor of our favorite birthday girl, Morgy! Shell made a delicious pink cake, and we all had fun chatting away!

It was a great weekend, to say the least!

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