February 25, 2014


This weekend was filled to the brim with fun. 

Friday night, the boys had their intramural basketball game, and it's always fun cheering with your best friends, for your significant others, who also are best friends. Nothin better, right? After the game, I was informed Tanner's friend was coming over to help him with his take-home test due at midnight. I figured that was fine, and that we would stay have a nice cooked dinner, and spend the night together. Little did I know that it would take the WHOLE night. I literally fell asleep on the opposite couch right in front of them, and when Tanner was done and woke me up, he asked if I wanted to go get a treat, and I actually said No. That's a first. Luckily I got a lot done that night-dishes, floors, laundry, bathroom, etc. It was a very productive night, I just wish it wasn't on my only night "off"! It's ok, because he made up for it by taking me to breakfast the next morning at Guru's. I've been wanting to make Saturday breakfast a weekly thing instead of going out once during the week for dinner. But alas, Tanner has his DAT prep every Saturday morning. So, I was very surprised to hear that it was cancelled, and that we were going out for breakfast! Our favorite thing. 

Don't mind the sweepy eyes. And, look how cute we are sitting next to each other at the table? Gag. I made him, because the hockey game was on and he would have had a perfect view. :)

Ok, that looks seriously sick, but it was absolutely delicious, and I actually wish I would've gotten this "man" breakfast. I call those man breakfasts, because they have meat, etc, and sometimes I feel like I should get something petite? Except mine was anything close to petite. And, we always share anyways! 

When we were dating, one day I woke up to an early breakfast. Literally, I think it was like 7am, and it was on my late day of school. After football, Tanner ran to Guru's and got me these delicious Banana Foster pancakes to have before class as a surprise. What. A. Sweetheart! 
It's a mound of 3 pancakes, with huge banana chunks, with drizzled caramel, and all that whipped cream! This was only our second time having breakfast at Guru's, so because I like to reminisce, I got those same pancakes! Guru's is seriously top notch, and one of our favorite places to eat...although we don't go there a ton. 
I can't wait to walk down Center Street for date night in the spring, and eat some Guru's for dinner. This beautiful weather is making UT a little easier to live in. I actually really love living in Provo, and it will make me extremely sad to have to leave our adorable house, in the Dixon historic neighborhood. sigh

I then met up with the gals to go WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING with Morg! The whole day was a blast, and I loved having a girls day! We walked around Gateway, and City Creek, got a few treats at Whole Foods, gaze at gorgeous dressed, and had lots of laughs. 
I had a huge top knot, so the hat looked a littleee silly. 

Then, I came home to my huzband, and we had fun chillaxin. And it's always fun when Morg and Mckay come join us!

Sunday was SO beautiful. We drove back from church with the windows down, and I wanted to take a nap outside! I know it's going to curse us all when we have a huge snow storm, but for right now, I'm going to enjoy being "hot" in my jean jacket! :)

**PS, check out this video, where I saw to make some "Un-sloppy Joes" for dinner on Friday. Because I was a little bugged to be deep cleaning the house, I wasn't in the mood to make anything too fancy. Tanner actually said this was one of his favorite meals ever? So...I guess I no longer need to take 2 hours to prepare dinner? I loved how quick and easy these were to make, when you're on the run, or just... in a bad mood. :)

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