February 19, 2014

Valentines Day and a 3 Day Weekend

Friday, Valentines Day, was a good one. I jumped out of bed, ready to make a yummy breakfast, sneak a couple chocolates and a card into Tanner's car, and made him lunch! He had a test he had to take that night, and wouldn't be done until 10pm! The day before I had to be at The Little America hotel in SLC at 730, and I hadn't been getting much sleep... that's been the case lately. So, when I got home, I took full advantage of having nothing to do, rested my head on the couch, and was OUT! I woke up to our back door knob jiggling, and there's nothing worse than waking up scared. Am I right? I looked out our window, and saw Shelley's car (remember I woke up in a fright and was sort of dazed) I was so confused. She was supposed to be in AZ by now!? Little did I know her flight ended up getting straight up cancelled after a three hour delay from the Provo airport. Long story short, I took her to the SLC airport so she could get home. I got home with 30 more minutes to spare, and started watching the Olympics. By the time Tanner got home, all I wanted to go to was In N Out. That's what I had told him before. I wasn't wanting a fancy dinner! The second we stepped into In N Out, he suggested going to Outback across the street. So, we had a nice little stroll together, and were seated right away! If you're ever wanting to get seated immediately, and never make a reservation on Valentines Day, just go to dinner after 10:30. :)

In the end, we should have just gotten our burger and fries, because Outback was a little more expensive, and wasn't as awesome as it usually is. But, it wasn't disappointing!

Saturday morning we slept in just a teeny bit, and then off to the DAT practice he went. I headed over to the church and started setting up for our ward Valentines party that night. After setting up all of the tables, changing out all of the tablecloths when I realized I had access to the stakes' (ours were so dirty and wrinkled), it was time to pick Tanner back up. He then helped me set up the backdrop for the photobooth, and I love how it turned out! We played a newlywed game, had pizza, salad, and our own heart shaped cookies to decorate!

After the party was over, we met up with Scott and Brim, and we went to a ward party. It was seriously sooo fun! It was Brimley's study abroad instructor's band, and they played at this very interesting choice of ward. But, it's always a good time dancing along with them! Then, we did some floating lanterns with Morg and Mckay (who are engaged, holla!) and Logan and Chelsea, at Utah Lake. Only two of them made it into the sky....

Then we came back to our house to finish off the extra sugar cookies, play some games, and watch the olympics. Scott and Tanner fell asleep, and Brim and i were up until 1:30 chatting! I've missed that, serious good times.

***I just backed up my new phone, and lost all of my new pictures and EVERYTHING. I seriously want to cry. I had a step-by-step of what I did for my backdrop, I had tons of pictures from this weekend, my V day flowers, and recipes I needed! Gosh dang it. And to top it all off, I just banged my forehead on the wall while reaching for the computer charger. UHHHH. Don't you hate those stupid moments were your eyes get a little teary for no real reason?

Instead of me whining, I'll share some of my favorite photobooth pics! I bought 4 different colors of streamers, and... sewed them together. Then, because one layer wasn't enough, I did two! And then, I got gold glittery scrapbook paper, and used a Cricut to cut out the XOXO, and hung them with fishing line. I thought it ended up super fun, and I was a little sad when I didn't know what else to do with it but throw it away.

our cute Bishop who we love dearly

On Sunday we went to sweet baby Charley's blessing. This is Adam and Vianca Ashby's daughter, and she is such a strong, beautiful little thing! Sarah and Vianca's mom make the baby girls' dresses out of their own mom's wedding dresses, and this one didn't dissapoint. So so beautiful!

We had a little luncheon in her honor, then off to Deer Valley we went! We stayed at Stephanie's parents cabin and it was so beautiful. Perfect weather! We stayed up late playing games, eating lots of food, and then Tanner and I made delicious french toast the next morning. We followed that with some flag football in the snow, and I'm still sore in places I've never been before! It was sure fun. We had a great weekend! Hoping I can get my old pictures back to share.

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