February 4, 2014

Superbowl Sunday

As a "hip hip hooray" to having the house done, and prettified, we had our friends over on Sunday. We had BBQ Chicken salad sandwiches, lots and lots of queso, veggies, treats, and there was endless fun. To be honest, I didn't even know the Broncos were playing, and definitely didn't know I'd be rooting for them. I mean, that game was seriously sad. Us girls ended up chatting on the bed towards the end...yawn.
Once everyone left, Tanner and I stayed up talking, him working on homework, and I was crafting. We stayed up until 1, and were both POOPED the next day. We are so not used to that. Usually, I'm out by ten, he wakes me up on the couch when he's done with homework, and then we go to sleep. It has become our routine I guess. We have also been getting into a routine into snoozing our alarms at least twice. I mean WHAT? Ok, that's normal for me, but not for Tanner. He's usually the one that finally gets me up!

On Saturday morning, I took Tanner to his DAT practice course, and then I ran some errands to Costco, got gas, cleaned the house, ran to Wells Fargo, all the normal Saturday activities. I then caught myself in our "treasure chest" where we keep important things. I won't tell you where it is...though you could probably find it. :) I always complain to him how he never keeps anything special that I do for him... that sounds worse than it is. But, I like to keep little notes he has written me in my wallet, or a fake mustache on my mirror in the car from one of our first dates to Nickel City...you get my point. As I went to look for our marriage certificate (to finally change my credit card name), I found multiple, multiple, notes that I had written him, folded up safely in the treasure chest. I even found our two journal posts of how we knew we were going to marry each other, and even about our wedding day. Reading those things brought back so many memories, and just made me so giddy. I then went to find my journal I wrote in my Freshman year of college (which I wish I would've been better at), but I read about my developing crush, finally going on a date, dealing with this new relationship, and a missionary, and it reminded me of all those feelings I had when we first dating. To be honest, I don't think you ever get that back, because life changes. It was SO fun to reminisce, and fall in love all over again! That's why I added a love story tab, because I really want to write down everything before I have kids, and really forget everything. That is NOT an announcement. I guess I get a little sappy around February, because 2 years ago, on the 8th was our first date. It's crazy how fast time goes.

Tonight AAA came and checked on Big Blue, our Expedition, and it in fact isn't dead! We just have to make sure our gear shifter is in park. Ha! It has a few problems, but we feel blessed it wasn't something worse. A battery would've been ok, but we felt like he was really seeing his last days. Who knows if we will still end up selling it, but at least we have a second car! I would really hate to not take Tanner to school, that's the best time of the day!

Ya, that was jumbled and weird.
Happy Tuesday!

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