February 6, 2014

Merry Christmas?

During Christmas break we took an extreme amount of videos and pictures, because I was going to make it into a movie. Because life has been so crazy, I'm not even half way through it, and who knows when it will get done. So, I'm deciding to post Christmas pictures in February.

This year was our year in LaVerne with the Zylstra family. Everyone on his side is on the same track, so everyone was together. It was a blast! We arrived on a Friday afternoon, went home, and instantly went to a Lakers game. That's how his family rolls! :) It was sad to have Kobe out, but it was still fun, and I even wore a jersey!... I really can't believe I just said that sentence.

^^This picture is just extremely funny because it looks like Kobe is eating my boob? Tanner would be so proud...I just used the word jersey, Lakers, and Kobe twice within the matter of seconds.

Saturday I think was a day full of golf, and Logan's game? There were so many of those high school basketball games, I kinda lost track. I think this was the day we got our "secret Santa" gifts for another family. That sure was fun, and we delivered them in elf hats! We watched the Sound of Music with everyone, and made s'mores in the fire!

Sunday we went to "Christmas" church (meaning the Sunday before Christmas), and it was fun to see everyone in his ward again!

Instagram picture, of course.

Monday (Christmas Adam...the day before Christmas Eve) we got up early, and headed tooooo DISNEYLAND! I used to go every year for dance, and I haven't been since High School. So to say I was excited was an understatement. (I act like I haven't been in High School for so long...)

Before Matterhorn..

After. I swear they made it more bumpy.

Cars land was seriously my fav. It felt like we were in a different world!

We had a sister that was 7 months pregnant, and a brother that had surgery, so this electric wheel chair got us endless family passes. It was the way to go!

Disneyland workers are the best.

I honestly don't think you can go to D Land without riding Splash mountain...no matter how scared of the water you will be. Well, the rest of the girls didn't want to, so I thought I would be fine with all the "men". The worker started laughing at me telling me I was going to get soaked because it would be a heavy boat. Luckily Carson and I tucked our arms in our shirts, and we ended up being ok! :)

Christmas Eve we went to one of those Chinese food places where they make the food in front of you, and those are alwaysss delish. We then went home and got pajamas, and watched a Christmas movie!

Christmas morning we slept in, made breakfast, and waited until Ryan and Lindsay's family were done with their own Christmas, to come over. It was a wonderful day, and I felt so blessed to be apart of another wonderful family!

We look so good.

Tanner finally got rid of his "Spiderman App" and got the 5S. Woop!

It's tradition to have my mother in-law's whole family over for dinner and games Christmas Day, and boy was that fun! It is still hard for me to remember everyone's name though!

If you haven't played "Left, Right, Center", you need to. It's so fun, and we play it a lot! It involves money :)

The next couple of days are a blur, but we had plenty of high school games, great food, pedicures, we went shooting, shopped, and took lots of naps.

Logan's team won their tournament!

This was the next week at church.

New Years Eve we spent the day in Hollywood, and went to the old El Capitan Theater, to see Frozen! It was an awesome theater, and they had people carving ice sculptures beforehand. It was quite the experience! I wish I would have gotten better pictures of the inside architecture.

We walked around a bit, and then grabbed some CPK for a late lunch (big mistake).

Later that evening we met some family and friends for dinner at Lucille's BBQ, and no one could finish their food. Since we walked around a lot and had a long day, a couple people, not naming names (Tanner), ate a lot at CPK, and then couldn't finish their dinner! :)

We love Brody

And Soph!

We came home and actually fell asleep, woke up at 11:45, watched the ball drop, grabbed some cider, and called it a night! 

The next morning we drove to Mesa for the McGrath wedding. Luckily we drove with our Friends Jeff, Kristen, and Jio, because when Tanners parents got on the freeway, the car broke down. We all made it right before the dinner, and it was so great to see their glowing faces! I still can't believe they're married. It's the best!

They got married in the Mesa LDS temple, and looked happy as ever. And Brim made such a beautiful bride!

And, we really love these two, too.

Our pretty corsages.

I mean, look at her! For more pictures of the beautiful wedding, head over to her blog.

It was the cutest backyard wedding you ever did see!

Loved her donut cake! This was before it was all made up and prettied.

Can't wait for Jio and Kristen to get hitched in November!

I'd say our Christmas break was a success!!

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