February 26, 2014

Currently Craving

Man, if this weather doesn't change soon, I might never want to leave Utah...
Just checked the forecast and it's supposed to rain all weekend...phew! Except wait...I like rain.

But seriously, nothing makes me more happy than having my blinds open at my grey cubicle, and see the beautiful blue sky!! It also helps that I'm wearing a bright yellow sweater, a bright blue necklace, very bright orange lipstick, and probably too much bronzer. But I DON'T CARE! It feels awesome. And I'll probably go home and give myself a bright orange gel manicure!

Maybe start listening to the Pharell station on Pandora, and you'll hear all of the Despicable Me 2 songs from the soundtrack, mixed with JT, and it will just make you want to get on a beach cruiser in some 80's exercise clothes, and make a dance routine. Wait that's just me? Oh..

Also, awkward, I felt like I was going to go deaf in my left ear because I always have my headphone in that ear, so I did two. And I can hear the song too well, and forget I'm in a chair, and start dancing a little. Then, I didn't realize the guy came back in my office, and got caught snap chatting to Shelley-which always means huge kissy lips, or ugly faces. So, that was awesome!

A few things I'm craving on this beautiful day:
-Jergens natural glow lotion-gotta go home and rub that on quickly!
- I'm dying to make a picnic table for our backyard!
-Carlsbad with my family and friends. Enough said.
-Sodalicious, because people who don't like soda get addicted.
-This swimsuit....gotta think of a way to convince Tanner that this price is bearable! I loveee the boyleg.
-Cafe Rio, because when do I ever not crave it?
-Tulips!! My fav. And, it looks like we have some bulbs on our front planters...crossing my fingers they are indeed tulips! How beautiful would that be?
-This jumpsuit. They've been floating around the blog world lately, and this is my favorite I've seen. It looks so chic, yet, I'd love wearing pajamas everyday. Again, gotta convince the hubs..ha in my dreams.
-Any wedges. I got some at LC (Last Chance-trying to make it sound really elaborate and expensive) when we were home at Thanksgiving, and they're the perfect grey with a pop of neon, and I've been itching to wear them!
-Gap's new Spring line is KILLING me! Love it all. But this wash of chambray makes me think I need it.
-Some Montana lakes, or any lake in particular. I really would love laying on a boat right now...good thing we go to AZ in 2 weeks!!
- Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bites. My sister, Brooke has made these multiple times for me, and I've been wanting to mix them up lately! So delish.
-And, Cessy's, because obviously I'm craving Mexican food-no i'm not pregnant. If you visit C-bad, you have to go, its a rule.

Now listen to this song, and get in the mood for some 80's exercise/dancing. Hah! Why did I say that?

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  1. I'm lovin this post. I could go for some serious Cessy's and Carlsbad right about now. Road trip?