January 27, 2014


Yesterday was such a happy day. We have the majority of the house done, besides our missing faucet, and that gets fixed on Thursday! WOOT WOOT!

We had such a fun time at church meeting new friends, and socializing. We are in a married student ward, and it's such a nice break from being Sunbeam teachers. We loved those kids, but I like spending time with my husband in class, and meeting new friends along the way. We are in charge of our Valentines Day Party (on the 15th) and I can't wait. You know I was pretty stoked about planning yet another party!! We had a great dinner, and talked all evening. We picked up Madison from the airport, and had a fun drive chatting even more. It's still so crazy to me how you can fall more and more in love with your husband. I think back to our wedding day, where I thought I was so in love, and wouldn't know what to do without him, but those feelings have more than quadrupled. I love it. I love being married, and believe it to be the greatest thing in the world!

I shared this video on Facebook yesterday, because it's one of my favorite Mormon Messages. Life has been so stressful lately, but it's most important to remember who and what matters most, and spend your time with those that matter most to you. 

Have a happy day!

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