January 24, 2014

Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart

Today, I am Grateful. I realize my last post was a bit on the dramaticcccc side. But, sometimes you just need a little lettin loose, ya hear? I wish I wouldn't have been so grouchy, to everyone. It's hard being gone all day, coming home to a messy house, and finding motivation to make it better. I'm not a very patient person, so in my eyes, we should've had the house done the day we moved in, but that's not realistic.

I'm grateful that my husband stayed up until 11 (we are an old married couple) last night, to help me hang up the frames on our new "gallery wall". When we started this project two days ago, my nails kept breaking, and I realized it was all plaster. So, last night we finally had time to go get new screws, and molly's, and things for the drill, and we were able to hang pictures! It wasn't until the second to last frame, that I accidentally made a huge hole with the hammer. HA! There was one tiny spot on the wall where it was completely hollow, and once the molly was in, I hammered, and all I can remember is Tanner yelling nicely, to be careful, and BAM. Hole. It made for a good laugh... we'll never know with this old house of ours!

I'm grateful that I can have fun, and laugh with my husband constantly.

I'm grateful for great friends that have helped us with this moving process. That have moved us in, moved our washer and dryer down the tiny stairway, and will again today, and that have invited us over for dinner so we didn't have to do dishes in the bathtub. That has been multiple people, and we feel so loved for their kindness.

I'm grateful for friends that stopped by the house last night with our new love fern to make me feel better, and so that we could get shakes at Chick Fil A after, because the night wouldn't have been the same without them.

I'm grateful that we are getting our new washer today, because our old/new one leaked on the third wash. And, I'm extremely thankful for delivery services that will grab our old one, and bring us a new one, for a small charge (which we think is SO worth it) to remove some of the stress and hassle from our shoulders.

I'm grateful that we haven't had a faucet. WHAT?! Yes, I am. Because I've had to do dishes in the bathtub, and boil water from our bathroom sink, it has made me realize how truly LUCKY we are.

I'm grateful for our home, and for the great opportunity we had to buy it, and have it as an investment for when we go to Dental School.

I'm grateful for the new Lorde cd our friend Christopher gave us to copy, so that we could jam out to it while hanging frames.

I'm grateful for the new candle Madeline gave me, because I love new smells, and it went perfectly with our new jams. :) Nice thing about a teeny house, is that it smells up the whole house pretty quickly!

I'm grateful for our parents, that have supported us the whole way.

I'm grateful for the temple, and that my husband takes me their constantly. It brings the most amazing peace to our lives.

And, I'm especially thankful, that our new home really feels like HOME, and that ever since I've slept there, I've never wanted to leave!

Start each day with a grateful heart.

Hopefully soon I'll get some pictures up of the hiz house!

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