January 10, 2014

Looking Back

I've wanted to do this for quite some time, but considering we don't currently have internet in our house, and that I don't have all of my pictures  on my office computer, it's taken some time. I loved seeing this on others' blogs, and I thought I would join in the fun...just a couple days late.


I chopped my hair, and we celebrated our first New Year's with some friends. (I'm just now realizing this picture is a tad inappropriate? Sorry, I was newly married.)

We came back to school, and I started Spring semester, along with my husband.

We went sledding with some of our buds.


We celebrated a year from our first date...we were quick movers, I guess.

And, our second Valentine's together! But, everything is better when you are married!

We went snowboarding with his family-my first time...I ski.

And, I went with my long time best friend through the temple! 


We stayed at Kodi's house in Vegas during the BYU March Madness Basketball Tournament. Scott and Brim joined us, and now they're married! I love it.

I guess this month wasn't too exciting...

We decorated Easter eggs with Scott and Brimley, and had a gay ole time.

We attended April conference with my parents, and they even treated us to Ruth's Chris, and a hotel room!


May marked 6 months of marriage, and we celebrated with Cold Stone, and our sister wife, Shelley.

We were lucky enough to go to Santa Barbara for the weekend, for our cousins wedding!

We love Opa!

We salsa danced at a Cinco De Mayo party.

And then, I was also able to plan a Casino night for Axiom on my very own. It was a great accomplishment!

We got to see Ash's final fitting!

And celebrated with a shower in her honor!

We went back to Vegas for a friends wedding, and got the necessary Serendipity.

We attended the Tim McGraw concert.

We went to AZ for Ashlie and Dallin's wedding.


We attended lots of baseball games, with our wonderful Pass of all Passes.

I met Tanner's mission president and wife at their homecoming.
We went to Carlsbad with the Rogers for the fourth!

We then went to Newport with the Zylstra's, and took family pictures.

Tanner started school.

We went to Swiss days up in Midway with Morg and Mckay.

We grew in love with the Fiore Pizza Truck

We made lots of peach jam from all of these peaches from the Farmer's Market.

I went to one of our trade shows in Deer Valley, and spent the night at the prettiest hotel, and ordered Sprite at the Cocktail hour.

We went to Hegben Lake, Montana, and Yellowstone, all in one weekend.

Our bridals photographer needed us for a shoot, so we lucked out with early Anniversary pics.

We went rock climbing with Riley and Jacqueline, and I started to add some dark into my current summer/white hair.

We went to the Rooftop Concert.

I got to meet up with Walker, one of my best friends since childhood, at Kneaders, before he went up to Idaho after the mish.

We went on a beautiful hike.

I hosted multiple, very chilly, golf tournaments.

My parents came up for conference, and we celebrated mommas birthday!

We went to AZ for the weekend for sweet Mia's baptism.

And, went to the lake, because AZ in September is cool like that.

We celebrated my 21st birthday, and our 1 year anniversary! I'm still trying to figure out how that flew by.

Tanner surprised me with a little get-away to Park City.

We carved pumpkins with friends.

Sophie had her 2nd birthday party.

We dressed up for Halloween.

And went to a football game! Yep, just one for the year! :)


We flew to LA for the night, to see Justin Timberlake in concert.

We then spent Thanksgiving in mesa with my family!

And then, I made my first pie.


We spent a snowy afternoon at a football game...ok so I lied.. we went to two games! YAY!

We went to the lighting of the Riverwoods with some friends.

We closed on our very own house in Provo. And, we are stilllllll moving in.

We took a little elf (Sophia) to a Christmas Party with us. We love babysitting that munchkin.

We attended a lot of Christmas Parties...one especially that I was very proud of, the Axiom holiday party I did! 

We then spent Christmas with the Zylstra's in LA, and had a blast. My mother in law planned lots of FUN activities, so it was a great filled couple of weeks!

Besides Tanner losing his wallet two days ago (thank you to whomever found it-we feel SO blessed, thank you BYU), and me washing my hair with 2 conditioners, instead of Shampoo this morning, 2013 is going to be hard to beat!

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