January 22, 2014


Lets just start by counting how many breakdowns I've had this week. Maybe we shouldn't. I just finished one, like 5 minutes ago. I had all these great plans to get my final frames hung up tonight, but change of plans, I had to play nurse to my boss. It's not fun helping someone out of surgery when you absolutely hate blood, and being well, a nurse. I seriously can't handle it. How the h e double hockey sticks am I going to be a mom someday?

Moving on. Our washer flooded last night. I still don't have a faucet. Tanner starts his DAT practice class on Saturday. My pictures still aren't framed. I have bins filled with art and pictures and no room to put them, still in my family room. I have a couple more things I want to buy, but I'm trying to stay on budget (let's be real though...I'll make a pouty face and remind him how hard I work everyday? Ya right... never works, that stinker.) I have a pile of t-shirts in my hallway that need to be gone through for Plato's, or DI, or drawers, but we've both been a little too lazy at that. Did I mention the reason my frames aren't up, is because our wall is straight plaster? Every nail I put in broke.

I'm so sick of moving. I knew it would be a process, but honestly why is it taking this long? I wish I could've stayed here for Christmas break and got it all done. Or, moved in more before Christmas. It's such a mess! I just get so frustrated. I'm sorry, no one likes to hear a complainer.

So, about budgeting. We went over our "Zylstra Family Budget-2014 (year of the horse)" ((Yes I really added that on our Budget)), and it is HARD! We included EVERYTHING this time. In the past, we never included getting my hair done, or tuition spread out by months, etc. I seriously feel like we have no money now! But, I decided I would take the challenge of cutting down on our grocery bill, which I thought was very reasonable before, but I knew it would be something easy to cut down on, if I took the time to organize my lists and meals better, and make sure we have leftovers! Good thing we both think leftovers are the bomb diggity.

So, we wrote down our budget on a very nice, lined sheet of paper, but I wanted something totally set in stone. I made a google doc for the next 11 months, that has the same budget every month, and our "extra" money will go towards trips, shopping, etc for vacations and special occasions. I'm really excited to see how it goes! We are both people that LOVE to watch our savings grow every month. It seriously makes me so excited!

I think it's important to budget, and my husband (Mr. Frugal) has definitely taught me how to be better. Our first year of marriage was so frustrating because I thought he wasn't being fair. But, because of him being frugal, I started to "get it". We don't need the cutest clothes, or the best cars, or anything of that matter to be happy. We are newlyweds! We just want to have that 20 years down the road :) haha! This was totally random, and dumb, but SAVE MONEY YA'LL!


  1. This makes me laugh out loud!!! Those damn budgets! I bet Scot is more frugal than Tanner & I've made it 10 years. You can do it girl & you'll be glad you did. xoxo.

  2. It's really nice to know that you have a happy married life, even though you’re having a hard time in budgeting things. Budgeting is really hard, but knowing your priorities in life will really do the trick. Just stick to what you really have on your plate and live within your means, and you will never go wrong. Thanks for sharing that, Rylee. All the best to you and Tanner!

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