December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving, Concert, House, Christmas Party

Lots has been going on these last couple weeks for Tanner and I. To start off, we closed on our very first home together, YESTERDAY! We couldn't be more excited for this new adventure in our life! I can't believe we are home owners. It's a duplex, so we have basement renters, and that makes life and rent, well, great. I's awesome!

We were lucky enough to visit both of our families for Thanksgiving! On Tuesday afternoon, we flew into LAX to meet up with all of the Zylstra's. We went to Logan's basketball game, had dinner at BJ's, and headed to the Justin Timberlake concert. It honestly was THE best concert I've ever been to. JT is an AMAZING performer, and I loved that he played so much of his old, classic stuff. He's hilarious, can dance like a mad man, and sing fabulous. I may or may not have gotten a slight girl crush with his little blonde back up dancer. Things like that make me really miss dancing.

I still can't get over it. He's just great. And, to top it off, he's hosting SNL again on December 21st!! Can I get a holla?

We didn't get back until 1:30, because he played for three hours. Yes, I said three. Again, he's gr8. We chatted, and ate some pie, and took a quick "nap" as I like to call it, as we woke up at 5am to get to our flight to Phoenix. That day was very exhausting, but fun. We visited AT Still, a dental school in Mesa, and I felt so stupid for Tanner, because he had a zombie wife! We ate great food, played lots of Pickleball, shopped, cooked, and laughed a lot!

Painting my nails on the train experience. They looked horrible, but I couldn't go back after I started. And, my helper... he tried...

Flying as a Zylstra for the first time. Took me a while.

He's HERE!

Great iPhone pics.

The stage lifted up, and went across the whole arena, so he was SO close to everyone. It was seriously awesome!

JT just chillin. My hands were shaking so much I couldn't ever focus! I'll have to post some vids soon.

As Sisters in Zionnnn

Wednesday night we all went to Joe's Farm Grill which never disappoints. I had been wanting to tke Tan there for a while. And, of course I'm posting with the cutest little man. Piercey!

This is our apple berry pie we made!

Gramps posted this picture of Tan on Insta, so techy!

When we flew back to SLC Saturday night, we were 15 minutes late, which resulted into us missing the TRAX, which then resulted in us getting on the TRAX 30 minutes later, and sitting at the station for an hour in the 30 degree weather to hop onto the FrontRunner. Although that's not the coldest weather, we had just come from AZ, so it was pretty dang cold. We decided we would be good hobo's together, because we put on all of the layering we could find in our suitcases, and cuddled to get warm. 

The men socks add to the look. I was even wearing a beanie, and my "army" jacket over that sweatshirt. I just didn't want to scare everyone with that pic. :)

A couple weeks ago, we went to the lighting of the Christmas lights at the Riverwoods and burgers at Marley's. We went with the gang, and it was sure a good time! Then we went to the BYU game the next day, and sat in the cold, then treated ourselves to Rubio's after! THEN we played games at our house later that night. It was SO fun! Here are some pics of that...

wow we ate lots of food that weekend?

We dropped off Brim at the airport last Friday, before Thanksgiving, and got Tanner's suit altered. Then we walked around City Creek, and had a little fun at Restoration Hardware...

Like I said before, we bought our very first house. It's an adorable house in the heart of Provo. It's teeny and perfect for us! I will post pictures once we move in and make it ours! After the Christmas Party, and the rest of this weekend, we will be able to get movin! And, I think we will wait for the snow to stop....It's already making me depressed!

Ok, I think I'm all caught up now.

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