December 19, 2013

Parties on Parties

Tomorrow I leave for California, and man I'm more than excited. We still aren't unpacked, in fact our family Room is more of a disaster, and to tell you the truth, I'd actually be embarrassed to show you "our new home" right now. I would never suggest to anyone to start moving a couple weeks before Christmas-it sucks because I like decorations, and do I have any up? No. Especially to not move in the snow. I'd also suggest to actually sort through your crap, box it, label it, and not to think, "Oh, it's down the hill...stuffing the car is a good idea". And yes, I said crap. We have lots of it, and no where to put it. Our shed is in the backyard, and it's piled with it's not fun to a take a trek out there. 
I was proud of myself for doing the bedroom and kitchen, but somehow even when I unpacked, and "cleared" the room, it kept looking worse and worse. I'm not meaning to complain one bit. We love it, and it's been so fun to be our home! But, working full time, an hour away, doesn't leave you with much time in the evening. I've just been so stressed and upset I couldn't get it done before we left for vacation. It makes it an even bigger mess packing when you're not even fully unpacked. 
I've had a continuous migraine for three weeks every morning when I wake up, so I result to Dr. Pepper. I'm not a soda drinker, unless it's for a fun occasion. So, either I have a brain tumor, or it's the fact that I've been wearing these contacts for a month now, because I can't find any of my others in the crap pile. So great, now I'm fat from the excess amount of soda, and the holiday treats, and then I'm grouchy because of the migraine. It's such a win, win.

Anyways, let me be cheerful and show the fun parties that we have attended as of late!

On Friday, December 6th, I did Axiom's Christmas Party. It was at the Garden Place, at This is the Place, and it was just as beautiful as I imagined. Usually, we have a very formal, sit down dinner, followed by lots of longggggg speeches for awards, so we decided to switch it up. It was a night filled with prizes. Random Drawings, Bingo Winners, Minute to Win It Winners, Finish that Tune winners, and award winners. Lots of people went home with things, it was seriously great! There was a photo booth, delicious food catered by Culinary Crafts, bistro lights draped on the ceiling, glass, gold, and woodsy scenery! It was fun! And, I'm glad it's over.

As their parting gift, we gave gourmet caramel, and smore's popcorn. DELISH. Snacked on that crack for a couple days.

The next morning, we have baby girl Brimley's bridal shower! We did a brunch, so we have delicious mini cinnamon rolls from Shirley's, fruit, and the necessary drinks.

It's fine if you think I look constipated... I'm not.

Last week a couple of us at work went and served breakfast and lunch at the Ronald McDonald house, and that was so special. I loved every minute of it.

Kyle and Jackie, our friends, had a white elephant/gingerbread house making/ugly sweater party, and it was so fun! We had toooo many treats!

We couldn't mess up the perfectly glazed snow, by your one and only! :)

We also brought our little elf with us! Brock and Sarah asked if we could watch Soph, and at first we said no, but we thought she would bring some extra Christmas cheer!

I took all of my ugly sweaters back to DI because we didn't go to any parties....then I last minute had to go back, and find something. The ugliest vest ever, and I was already looking like a hobo that day, so it didn't help the self esteem.

There's our cute red door! With my cute gold pinecone wreath!


I received this message from Tanner informing me our hook had broken, and so had our adorable wreath. So after crying for a couple minutes inside, I realized, there's nothing a little hot glue can't help! 

On Sunday Melissa had a little Christmas dinner party, and we had a jolly ole time!

The yummy Peppermint Chocolate cake I made!

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....NO I'M NOT. GET ME OUTTA HERE!
That was two seconds before I started doing donuts unintentionally.

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