November 3, 2013

Our Halloween

One night on my way home, I was noticing this beautiful sunset. I ran into the house and made Tanner get in the car, and we drove up the Loop by our house to watch the sunset! It was a beautiful sight!

Saturday before Halloween, it was pretty Sophia's birthday party, and we had Tanner's parents and brother Logan in town that weekend. It was lots of fun! I love when people come to visit!


Halloween day, I had to dress up, and run the Trick-Or-Treating, and deliver goodie bags! So I dressed up as Where's Waldo. And, everyone kept joking about the "can't find Waldo" thing, so we took some pictures of me hiding places...

Halloween night we went to Brock and Sarah's house for her yummy mexican soup that she makes. Then we headed to a free donut and cider little shin dig that Madeline's old professor does. Literally, free, for hundreds of peeps! We will definitely be going next year! And the year after that.. get me out of UTAH!

I had to be a serious robber.

Madeline is an artist, and was the cutest deer.

The donut stealer.

Yesterday, Saturday, we got free couches! Our Real Estate agent and her family just built a new house, so they gave us their old couches they had in storage. I wish we could've taped our reactions when they put them in our house! We can actually lay together and watch a movie together!!! They're deep, and so comfy! Right now our family room is like a theater room, and we have 4 couches...we are happy with our new ones!

Then, we watched Sophie as Brock & Sarah went and saw a movie. We painted her nails, and visited good old Cold Stone. We always have a blast with that sweetie!

Today at church we walked out of sacrament meeting, to snow. The kids were excited, but all of the adults were not!!