November 17, 2013

Changing My Name

So, I'll admit. I wasn't the quickest to officially change my last name, but I did change that thing pretty quickly on Social Media, duh.

Because of taxes, FASFA, etc. it took longer than expected. Than, I made it a goal to do it before our year anniversary. Well, I did, I made it! But, that was only officially... like social security. The problem is, that The hours are 8-5 at the DMV, and woop, I'm at work all day. So, I talked myself into making holiday flights in my Zylstra last name, to get a little push... but it wasn't until Friday, that I finally went to the DMV. I took my "lunch break" at the DMV in Draper, and was so excited/proud of myself for finally getting it done.

Well, let me tell you, they won't accept a copied version of your marriage certificate :/

I knew they wouldn't, but that's all I had at the moment (because I have some work cards that say Rogers, and some that have Zylstra, so I carry it with me in case I need it!). I knew that I could at least get my picture taken, and some of the info into the computer. So, I left work early because I had overtime, and had Tanner meet me at the DMV in Orem, and bring our marriage certificate. When we walked in, it was 4:40. They said they had a 30 minute line, and wouldn't be able to let me in. To say we were furious would be an understatement. All of my info was in the system, I left work early, yada yada. They didn't care. And, because I was so sassy, she was mid-sentence apologizing, and I just walked out... oops! I was just so annoyed, because it was just a renewal!! Ugh.

Moral of the story, change your name quicker, and not last minute, and not on a Friday.

The end!

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