November 12, 2013

A Pumpkin Breakfast

Because I don't have anything else to share, but because I do want to be a good "blogger", I'll share a recipe we used this week! I have never made Baked French Toast, where you let it sit overnight and soak. It was a success, and very yummy! I found this Pumpkin Recipe on Pinterest of course, and thought I'd give it a try. I might even just use the batter for future French Toast! Maybe on Thanksgiving morning or something!?

I about halved it, or a little less, because it was just Tanner and I eating it, and I didn't want a ton of leftovers. It's fun how it gets a crunch on the top! I wish I would've left it bake a little bit longer, because the middle pieces were a tad too soggy for my liking, but it didn't matter, because I only like corner pieces anyways! :)

Speaking of other food, do you like Greek Yogurt? I do. But, I stopped making it every morning because it's a pain to pour granola, and slice fruit...really, it is!

Last time I was at the store, I stumbled upon this Greek yogurt:

I had seen commercials, and thought I should try it. And when they say you can just bend the corner and put the yumminess inside the yogurt, you really can. I loved that berry one. They also have granola in some of the corners! I would give it a try if you like Greek yogurt.

I'm going to end this post now, before I start becoming a "food blogger"...

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  1. yum, looks amazing! we are going to visit home for thanksgiving, maybe i'll have to make this for breakfast! darling blog and couple! xo

    the well-traveled wife