November 26, 2013

Catching Fire Movie Event

Last Wednesday, on the 20th, I was in charge of Axiom's movie premiere of Catching Fire. I had reserved 7 theaters across the state, and they were all starting at the same time! I literally had nightmares leading up to the event, because like I said, there were multiple locations, and I only had control over one of them. I was so worried I had given out extra tickets, and then I also dreamt about them playing the wrong movie (Barney, to be exact), and getting popcorn thrown at me.

I was the host at the Thanksgiving Point location, along with the the President of the company, who I personal assist for. Everything was going smoothly, we had our "Axiom is Catching Fire" shirts on, we were getting ready to hand out our trivia and raffle prizes. But then, one of the employees that was helping me at the ticket booth, ran up and said we had a line of 30 people, and didn't have any more tickets. Our theater had a few seats here and there, but besides that, it was full.

How could this be happening?

I counted out the exact tickets before I handed them out, I even had 20 extra tickets to T.P. sitting at my desk! I was so close to tears, but I was doing everything I could to hold them in. As I discussed with the Event Coordinator of the theater, she informed me the theater only had 218 seats, and I KNEW that not what our contract said. I guessed it was for 236 people or something like that. They then started bringing in folding chairs, and we lined those up the rows, and in between sections. After all of the chaos, having clients leave, an employee and her son leave because he was was in a wheelchair and was blocked, and having Tanner, Melissa and I sit on folding chairs in front of the front row, to the far right (my neck still hurts thinking about it) the movie started.

A few tears fell during the movie. Not because of Gayle or the storyline, but because I  had been SO stressed for 2 months about this event, and I felt like I had failed. I text the "hosts" that I had at every theater, and when their response said that everything had gone smoothly, I felt so much better.

The movie ended, and a few more tears were shed. Then, a LOT more tears more like snotty, sobbing tears were shed. Tanner can give a great reenactment. We got home, and I ran to my computer, to check the contract. And guess what it said? We signed the contract for 282 seats!!! It wasn't my fault after all. Ahhh what a relief.

It really was a good movie, I can't wait to see the next one!

Nowww, we are on our way to LA to see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE tonight. That what was my Birthday surprise I shared.previously... no I'm not prego like some of you asked. I can't wait! It's going to be a blast. Then we head to Mesa early tomorrow morning, and spend Thanksgiving with my family. Then on Monday we close on our very first home together!! (more on that one later) Then on Friday we have our Axiom Holiday Party, and then Saturday is Brimley's bridal shower! (can't believe they get married SO soon!) So, we have a very exciting next couple of weeks. Luckily, after next weekend, I won't be crazy at work, and then we can go to CA for Christmas and REST.

my fingers hurt.

November 17, 2013

Changing My Name

So, I'll admit. I wasn't the quickest to officially change my last name, but I did change that thing pretty quickly on Social Media, duh.

Because of taxes, FASFA, etc. it took longer than expected. Than, I made it a goal to do it before our year anniversary. Well, I did, I made it! But, that was only officially... like social security. The problem is, that The hours are 8-5 at the DMV, and woop, I'm at work all day. So, I talked myself into making holiday flights in my Zylstra last name, to get a little push... but it wasn't until Friday, that I finally went to the DMV. I took my "lunch break" at the DMV in Draper, and was so excited/proud of myself for finally getting it done.

Well, let me tell you, they won't accept a copied version of your marriage certificate :/

I knew they wouldn't, but that's all I had at the moment (because I have some work cards that say Rogers, and some that have Zylstra, so I carry it with me in case I need it!). I knew that I could at least get my picture taken, and some of the info into the computer. So, I left work early because I had overtime, and had Tanner meet me at the DMV in Orem, and bring our marriage certificate. When we walked in, it was 4:40. They said they had a 30 minute line, and wouldn't be able to let me in. To say we were furious would be an understatement. All of my info was in the system, I left work early, yada yada. They didn't care. And, because I was so sassy, she was mid-sentence apologizing, and I just walked out... oops! I was just so annoyed, because it was just a renewal!! Ugh.

Moral of the story, change your name quicker, and not last minute, and not on a Friday.

The end!

November 12, 2013

A Pumpkin Breakfast

Because I don't have anything else to share, but because I do want to be a good "blogger", I'll share a recipe we used this week! I have never made Baked French Toast, where you let it sit overnight and soak. It was a success, and very yummy! I found this Pumpkin Recipe on Pinterest of course, and thought I'd give it a try. I might even just use the batter for future French Toast! Maybe on Thanksgiving morning or something!?

I about halved it, or a little less, because it was just Tanner and I eating it, and I didn't want a ton of leftovers. It's fun how it gets a crunch on the top! I wish I would've left it bake a little bit longer, because the middle pieces were a tad too soggy for my liking, but it didn't matter, because I only like corner pieces anyways! :)

Speaking of other food, do you like Greek Yogurt? I do. But, I stopped making it every morning because it's a pain to pour granola, and slice fruit...really, it is!

Last time I was at the store, I stumbled upon this Greek yogurt:

I had seen commercials, and thought I should try it. And when they say you can just bend the corner and put the yumminess inside the yogurt, you really can. I loved that berry one. They also have granola in some of the corners! I would give it a try if you like Greek yogurt.

I'm going to end this post now, before I start becoming a "food blogger"...

November 5, 2013

It's starting...

Yesterday, walking to my car after work, I realized that it is starting. The cold, dreery, days are here! I had to run to my car and take a few deep breaths, turn on my car, and blast the heat.

I don't mean to complain... this is where we live, and I get to go home to my honey, but it's just TOO COLD.(and it's not even the worst of it!!) It's a great place to live, but not longer than a couple years... we are bookin it out of here once we get the chance. :)

But for now, hot chocolate, blankets, and cuddles will be suffice.

November 3, 2013

Our Halloween

One night on my way home, I was noticing this beautiful sunset. I ran into the house and made Tanner get in the car, and we drove up the Loop by our house to watch the sunset! It was a beautiful sight!

Saturday before Halloween, it was pretty Sophia's birthday party, and we had Tanner's parents and brother Logan in town that weekend. It was lots of fun! I love when people come to visit!


Halloween day, I had to dress up, and run the Trick-Or-Treating, and deliver goodie bags! So I dressed up as Where's Waldo. And, everyone kept joking about the "can't find Waldo" thing, so we took some pictures of me hiding places...

Halloween night we went to Brock and Sarah's house for her yummy mexican soup that she makes. Then we headed to a free donut and cider little shin dig that Madeline's old professor does. Literally, free, for hundreds of peeps! We will definitely be going next year! And the year after that.. get me out of UTAH!

I had to be a serious robber.

Madeline is an artist, and was the cutest deer.

The donut stealer.

Yesterday, Saturday, we got free couches! Our Real Estate agent and her family just built a new house, so they gave us their old couches they had in storage. I wish we could've taped our reactions when they put them in our house! We can actually lay together and watch a movie together!!! They're deep, and so comfy! Right now our family room is like a theater room, and we have 4 couches...we are happy with our new ones!

Then, we watched Sophie as Brock & Sarah went and saw a movie. We painted her nails, and visited good old Cold Stone. We always have a blast with that sweetie!

Today at church we walked out of sacrament meeting, to snow. The kids were excited, but all of the adults were not!!