October 3, 2013

Welcome, October

My favorite month is finally here, and I can't contain my excitement! I'm also blown away that it is ALREADY October. Seriously though, where did the time go?

My parents drove up to Utah so my dad could play golf in the annual Farnsworth tournament, and it's always during my mammasitas birthday! So, she came up this year too, and It's been so fun to have them up here. My dad flew home, and is now back in town for our fun SLC weekend for General Conference!

Nothing like Birthday Breakfast at Kneader's. We then spent the day pampering Kimer! Facials, a massage, and pedicures made the day fun! We then went to Outback for a yummy dinner! Grateful for my cute mom. She does so much for all of us!

My best friend's birthday just happens to be on the same day as my mom's! I love this picture from our Senior Trip, when we slept in the same bed in our cute little room, somehow I didn't catch strep from her, we were tan, My hands and feet got so burned, and we ate way too many donuts. Sure love that girl, and all of our memories together! I still can't believe she is marrying Tanner's best friend..it's going to be the absolute best thing!

Our cute sunbeams on Sunday. We made them crowns for our lesson

Came home to a clean house, every single piece of laundry clean and folded, bed made, etc. from my mom. We love when she is in town! :) Haha she's the best.

Today I was at yet ANOTHER golf tournament. It was up in Draper, and hello? It's October. It was 50 degrees, and the wind never stopped. I have 4 layers on, a beanie, with both hoods on, gloves, and a blankie. I'm glad that is our last one for the year! We usually do a lemonade stand, but we opted with donuts and hot chocolate today (which I had 2 1/2 of by the way..they were HUGE!)! 

I would say we were at a great hole!

Yes, we were freezing.

October is the best month by far. Light sweaters, boots, jackets, scarves... all that fun stuff comes out of your closet at this time. There are lots of birthdays, including MINE! And, we will be celebrating our first anniversary 5 days after that. It still absolutely blows my mind that we have almost been married a year. Where did the time go? It's just crazy that you think you can never love someone more than you can, and how just a couple months can change that. I'll save all that gushy stuff for a post in the future, but I'm just so happy it's October! The greatest time of year is here!! 

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