October 20, 2013

Our Anniversary: The Wedding Day

Tanner and I were married one year ago on October 19th at 2:15pm. The week started out very stressful, as I had to go on a Z Pack because I got so sick, and had the worst cough of my life. My father in-law had to go to the Emergency Room because of his kidney stones. Our landlord got the carpets cleaned, and it was scheduled for the day after Tanner left, which resulted in us walking into the house with the couches in the middle of the family room. But, when the day came, it was a beautiful day. I was able to sleep in until 8, and relax a little. I was still coughing a lot that morning, but had my cough drops ready to go! I was so excited to see my almost husband! After getting my hair and makeup done, Tanner arrived to pick me up, and we were both so giddy. The day was here, and it felt so surreal!

We drove to the Mesa Temple, where we were to get married for eternity, and I couldn't believe it was really happening. The day that I had dreamed about for my whole life, walking up to the temple doors, with my dream guy, was really here! As soon as I walked into the temple, my cough was gone, and I felt perky. As soon as I walked out, I was back to feeling pretty gross. A miracle, I tell ya! After the ceremony, we were welcomed by all of our family and friends... and a little bit of heat! Pictures didn't last too long! :) We then headed to the Country Club, where we were getting ready for group pictures. The sunset that night was amazing, and I'm glad we got some of that light in the pictures! By the time the reception started, the night had cooled down, and it was so nice! The chefs made Tanner and I a few plates before we had to wait in line, and that was the first thing I had eaten all day! I think I ate 4 rolls. 

Although lines are annoying to sit through, I've always liked them because you get to see everyone who has come to support you. My DJ new he had to announce the ending of the line at a certain time, and it worked out perfectly. We then ate some brownie cake, danced the night away, left with a sparkler exit, and left in a vintage, white, Rolls Royce. It was so magical! Our driver didn't say a word the whole car ride to the Phoenician, and didn't have the AC on, and the windows were closed. I thought for a second he wanted us to die on our wedding night! Tanner finally popped open the back window, and we made it to the hotel safely!

3 main things that I've learned after this wonderful, first year of marriage, are:
  1. Say, "I love you" more
  2. Be quicker to say, "I'm sorry"
  3. And, don't only pray for your relationship, but for your spouse alone. 

As you date, and finally say the "L word" it's sort of fun to tell each other you LOOOVE each other! But, after you're married, things get real. Watching Titanic makes you both hug each other a little tighter at night. Going through trials makes you realize you wouldn't want to go through them with anyone else. Getting in arguments make you both grow and realize how much you love them-as dumb as that may sound. Going on trips alone reminds you again how much it sucks to sleep alone, and how scared you can get at night.. we all know me:the scaredy cat. That even though you just saw each other at 6am, you can't wait to see each other 12 hours later.

Just so everyone knows...Tanner made me agree not to shove the cake, because he thought it was stupid. The only reason I did, was because he did first! Sucker.

I could go on, and on. But, this first year has really taught me a lot. About myself, how to love more, and try to serve my husband more. It really is such a transition, especially because your friendships are never going to be the same.  Sure, you can still hang out, and be so close as couples, and still as girlfriends, but really.. nothing else matters in the world, compared to your eternal companion. I know Tanner would do anything for me, and I will do the same. It's an amazing feeling to know that I can be with my best friend forever, for life, for eternity. I never want to spend a day without him, and I can't wait to see what our future holds!

I love you so much Tanner!

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  1. Beautiful post, Ry! Also, I still stalk your wedding photos all the time because I seriously think you had the most perfect wedding all! Love everything about this!