October 23, 2013

Our Anniversary: Park City

Last Saturday, was our Anniversary. On Friday, Tanner has early class, and I had slept through my alarm (as usual), so when I got to my phone, there was a text with a list of items I needed to have packed and ready by 4pm. I was shocked! And so excited! I started to think of where we were going, and figured it was Park City, or Downtown.

Luckily, I was working at my boss' house that day, so I snuck out a little early, and waited for Tan to get home from his test! It was a little later than we had planned, so we were both starving, so we sped to the destination! Our friends' dad is the GM and part owner at Hotel Park City and so he sure hooked us up! We were able to get updated into the "cottage" which was amazing. We walked in to a full kitchen, family room, huge bathroom, a 3-way fireplace, a hot tub on our balcony, and a view that could take your breath away! We sat and enjoyed it for a second, but were both starving (did I say starving? more like HANGRY as Tanner would say), so we rushed to Main Street. 

The moon was so pretty on our drive!

We resulted in going to Bandit's BBQ where we always get their chicken & tri tip nachos! All the other places were pretty packed on a Friday night, and let's face it...too expensive! We also shared some salmon, walked around a bit, but ran back to the car because we were freezing! 

Then we headed back to the Hotel, and went into the Ruth's Chris they have, and got some dessert! Not the prettiest picture, but it was a delicious molten cake with caramel and strawberries. A perfect dessert in my opinion!

This is what we got to wake up to! I mean are you kidding!? So beautiful. 

We watched lots of movies and enjoyed the fireplace way too much!

We went to a breakfast place on Main Street that was a.maz.ing. It was my first time getting egg's benedict, and I want it every morning for the rest of my life...mmmm!

We headed back to the room to watch yet another movie before check out, take a nap, have some sparkling cider, enjoy the fire, oh, and die at that view again!

We decided to stop on the drive home and walk around the pretty, fall trees, and it was well worth it!

Later that evening, we went to SmashBurger, and saw Captain Phillips. That's right..not a dollar movie! He said I would have made fun of him for the rest of our lives...who...me!? Noooo. 
And, Captain Phillips was amazing. Seriously go see it right now!

funny story:
On our way out of Park City, there was a motorcycle cop. We knew he had radar'd us, or whatever it's called, and isn't that the worst feeling? When your heart just drops as you see them quickly turn to chase you down? So we pull over, and the guy was questioning Tanner's CA license, yada yada, and we give him the "it's our anniversary, that's why we were here" line, and then he sees the bottle of Martinellis by my feet, and says, "Now, that doesn't happen to be an open bottle right?", and Tan and I just bust up laughing saying, "it's cider". So, luckily he noticed that we were great people, and just totally in love, and he gave us a warning! Yahoo! 

So grateful for that fun memory we now have, and that my sweetheart was able to treat us to a fun weekend! 
There really is nothing better than spending a whole 24 hours with the one you love! 

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  1. Ok can you guys get any cuter? I'm serious, talk about model couple. And what a fun anniversary, I LOVE Park City so naturally I'm all over this idea.

    haha I love the open bottle story too. That's hilarious, hey being a Mormon and not drinking pays sometimes I guess huh? :)