October 25, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake.. and Pumpkin Bars

While we were in Mesa, we were able to devour our year old brownie cake!
We have really great facial expressions. Our kids are so lucky..

Mmmm.. sooo good

I received a Birthday Card from my favorite Missionary in Texas, and it was the best present ever. I just love her.

Marrisa Shai.. what a wonderful name!

On Tuesday, we had friends over for soup, Pumpkin carving, good music, and pumpkin bars! It was a blast!

sometimes, my husband is an Asian freak.

could you just die over that white pumpkin!?

Just preparing to be a dentist family..

It was a great time to say the least!


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  2. Hi. I'm just obsessed with you guys and your fun social events and your cute house. Wish we lived closer so we could party! (Well at least until 8 because that's Ruth's bed time.) :)