October 17, 2013

It's called, a birthday week.

My birthday was Monday, October 14th, and it was the greatest yet. Really, nothing can try to top it. Tan has early class, and I slept in 20 minutes, which felt nice. I had to grab gas on my way to work, so naturally I went inside when I saw the Krispy Kreme sign, and when I saw the pumpkin spice... I just couldn't resist. 

When I got to work, my desk was decorated, I had a few yummy treats, and Google even personalized my page! I seriously was so confused and thought it was so cool. And thought it was EVEN cooler when I askd my co-worker what his was like, and it was normal. Literally, I didn't put two and two together..I thought it was Google's birthday or something. Hopefully 21 doesn't mean I get dumber.. geez.

When I got home, Tanner had some wrapped presents for me! I was going to save one for after dinner, but he was so excited he made me open it! And guess what it was? The most beautiful Kate Spade watch ever. I didn't even realize I told him a couple months ago I liked it..he's so sneaky!

We then went to Carrabba's with the fam, and Brim and Scott, and it was as delicious as ever!

Three cheers to this guy for making it the best day ever, and constantly calling me "his birthday girl".

Honestly it was so cold.

Madeline and Andrew came over after with cake and a cute "favorite things" present. I think that will start to be our tradition because when I did it for her, it was so fun.

And that cake? To DIE for. Literally! Chocolate Chip yummy bundt cake, with dulce de leche sauce and strawberries. This week has obviously been a fattening one!

I then was presented with yet ANOTHER surprise, but it has to be a secret for just a little bit longer.. and then it will be revealed. Don't you worry. 

It was totally the best day ever, and I have a feeling 21 is going to be a great year! It's SO much older than stupid, twenty. 

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  1. Please tell me the other surprise you were presented with was a positive pregnancy test?!