October 15, 2013

A Trip Home

This last week I learned to never wear your glasses when it's raining..

I also learned some valuable things in this "511 Things Only Women Understand" book found at my boss' house. These are just a few of my favorite...Especially the first one!

We were able to take a trip home to Mesa, thanks to my parents! Mia was getting baptized, and they had it in AZ so majority of the family would be there. And, I wasn't gonna miss it!

First stop of the Trip: Nielsen's by my request. It was my birthday weekend! :)

Saturday morning at 10, sweet Mia was baptized. We love that beautiful girl! Hopefully this isn't sacrilegious...it was too precious to resist.

After the baptism everyone came over for Subs and yummy desserts! Then, we hit the lake on Brooke and Rob's new boat! Luckily we were able to sneak into Canyons, stupid govt. shut down.

It sure was a beautiful day!

We got back around 8 Saturday night, just in time for a Rosa's run. Shrimp tacos mmmm. Then, Ryan suggested another Nielsen's run at 11pm, so, of course no one disagreed!

And, he left his in the freezer when they left to go back to CA, and it was a nice after church treat! :)

We then celebrated my birthday with a nice salmon dinner, and Crème brûlée to top it off!

Our flight got delayed another hour, so by the time we got home, it was past 12:30. That's late for some old married folk, I tell ya! And, when we got to my car that was parked at Brock and Sarah's house, my window had been open the whole weekend! I was scared someone broke in! Luckily no one did, but it was raining so my car smelled musty...yuck!

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